The Dazzling Eleventh Edition of Jaipur Jewelery Show

Jaipur, a shoppers’ elation is a beautiful city shaded in pink is celebrated for its regal majestic legacy that the Maharajas left behind. In addition, Jaipur also symbolize the prosperous and pulsating lifestyle and convention of Rajasthan. This city dwells the most excellent artwork and textile, cutting and buffing up of valuable diamonds and semi precious stones in India. A variety of lanes & streets are particularly devoted to jewelry shopping in this conventionally affluent city. Yet again, the neighboring ‘Kundan’ style jewelry, striking blue pottery, block printed textiles, batik painting, Mojari- (the local shoe), tie & dye fabrics, beautiful stone carvings, sandal wood carving items and much more. The city has an extraordinary spot in the world market as well. If you boast a gigantic likeness for primeval inheritance and wonderful jewelry, undoubtedly, Jaipur is the place for you. Jaipur boasts jewelry as a vital and intrinsic element of its culture.

Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS):

Are you al geared up for absolute show of twinkle and glamour? Here is the time of the year once more when the beautiful metropolis of Jaipur will be immersed into the drizzle of glamour and glitz!!The exotic period in the year arrives for one another version of the “Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS)”, programmed between December 20 and 23. This is the gigantic B2B & B2C jewelry show of India. This glamorous jewelry show unquestionably cheers the jewelry lovers, visitors and buyers. In addition to that the jewelry experts are anticipates this yearly occurrence of gleam and glamour. In fact, this glamorous jewelry show is also called as the “December show”.

Growing in popularity every year, this 11th edition of the show bestows visitors to have a fabulous experience of viewing the most recent and the handpicked compilation of Gems & Jewelry products not only from Jaipur but also from the jewelry exhibitors from all over the world. Definitely, it is a tremendous jewelry exhibition in the globe.

Jaipur Jewellery Show is recognized as a medley of unmatched attractiveness in jewelery and Gems. Jaipur is well known as the nucleus of tinted gemstones specially the kundan and meenakari work. This significance of Jaipur as the famous jewelry hub of the globe is further festooned with the hosting of JJS every year ever since 2003.


The JJS which is in its eleventh edition currently had displayed products from all over the globe. The products include Diamond, Platinum, Pearl, Silver, Gold, Pearls, Antique Jewellery, Gemstones such as, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Opal, Crystal and other accessories and equipments needed for jewelry making.


The anticipated visitors were Jewelry whole sellers, Jewelery agents and/or distributors, Department store buyer, Jewelry retailer, Jewellery manufacturer, Duty free retailer, Gemology, Jeweler designers, clock/watch retailer, students and people who are connected to the jewelry industry.

A unique aspect of JJS is that people can spot rough stones to completely buffed jewelry, all in one crown. The wonderful ‘December Show’ has rapidly developed into one of the most acknowledged Gem & jewelry expositions in the nation. In the earlier editions of JJS, it has been found that this event has fabricated a place for itself in terms of exhibiting innovative trends both in industrializing and making the options of the customer. JJS, the solitary show which is appropriately known as the “Complete Show” has made all efforts in displaying the quick changes that occur in every single field.

By now, JJS has been scheduled in the well-known jewelry exhibitions of the globe. This jewelry exhibition is very unique for both whole sellers and retailers.

Location of the JJS exhibition:

The JJS exhibiton took place at Rajmahal Palace Hotel, placed in Sardar Patel Road, Jaipur. The total Exhibitors were 293. The approximate visitors for the show was more than 30000 people.

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