World Sufi Spirit Festival – A wonderful treat for music enthusiasts!!

The Sufi Spirit World Festival is a fantastic prospect for India to coalesce its religious legacy with the attractiveness of consecrated music & dance. A blend of Sufi music and narration at the 3-day World Sufi Spirit Festival consist of enthusiasts from all over the globe. All of them soak up the breathtaking ambiance at the Mehrangarh Fort. Watching and listening to a range of well-known artists from diverse parts of the globe at the Mehrangarh Fort (that stands 100 feet on a vertical rock face, 400 feet on top of the skyline of Jodhpur) was not a usual experience in itself. While Abir Nehme from Lebanon and Shamss group from Iran surpassed language barricade and offered attention-grabbing performances, Kavita Seth outperformed associate Indian singers at the 3rd edition of the Jodhpur celebration with her mesmerizing singing. In spite of forceful winds that formed a gentle dust storm and squalls, the singer, famous for crooning hit Indian film songs “Tum hi ho bandhu” and “Iktara”, performed persistently at the Zenana Deodi. It was similar to nature against music and, perceptibly, the latter conquered the previous perfromance.

The performance of “Wahi khuda hai”, “Benazar” and “Dama dam mast kalandar” spellbound both Indian & global spectators. Hosted by the imperial household of Jodhpur and supported by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, the event was backed up by the Aga Khan Foundation, the Helyn Hamlyn Trust, and the Getty Trust Foundation and endowed by the Skoda Superb. Mr. Karni Singh Jasol, the director of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust told that offering to the forte audience; the yearly event observed a tread of 7,000 visitors, much higher than the former editions. Abir Nehme Manganiar, Madan Gopal ji and Anwar Khan’s performances were highly praised in Nagaur, while Kavita Seth's performance was appreciated with prolonged applause in Jodhpur. The World Sufi Spirit festival was continued from Feb 17the to 19th, 2014 at the Ahhichatragarh Fort in Nagaur and then was also been held at Jodhpur, where it got finished on Feb 23rd, 2014.

Global Artists’ performances:

Abir Nehme:

Aramean, Syriac and Byzantine songs, Lebanon:

Abir Nehme surpasses in the ability of singing the religious repertory of the Byzantine, Syrian and Maronite origins. She is self-disciplined and poignant and revitalizes the Aramean origins of a prehistoric institution.

The Art of Azeri classical Mugham


Azerbaijan is famous for its capability to create thousands of talented musicians. A few of them shall be able to ascend up to the global scene. Thus the gifted performer Arzu Aliyeva, a juvenile Mugham singer is considered to be the cultural wealth of the nation and whose accentuations are evocative of former figures misplaced to posterity.

Shamss Group:

Sufi music and dance, Iran:

The Persian art fetches the mind's eye to the heart of this spiritual marine of dream and facts away from the docile river of sacred regulation. Therefore the touching influence of music paves way to a passageway passing between the genuine globe and the religious globe to the hal, the breath of heavenly insight.

Al Chabab Al-andalus and Mohamed Ba Jeddoub directed by Amine Debbi

The spirit of the Andalusian Arabic music:


The Al-ala repertory of Morocco carry on to embrace 11 Nubas, each one being splitted into 5 movements (Mizan) played on 5 essential rhythms. The Al-ala music pop group generally takes account of the rabab, the violin, the cello, the oud, the percussions and the viola.

The Mantra – A Sufi recital directed by Nawab Khan (santur player) from Rajasthan – India

Sufi Music is a kind meant as an appearance of loyalty to God. Mr. Nawab Khan, the director of the band “The Mantra”; trusts and elucidates that Sufism is neither a belief nor a religious group. The Mantra spotlights the sheer extravagance of musical instruments such as, Sarangi, Percussions and Santoor in Sufi.

The Fakirs and Bâuls of Bengal

Songs of the Free Men

Peripatetic minstrels, sacred beggars, they have chosen the road of elation, India

A rootless minstrel, a truth-seeking tramp, a creative thinker peasant, an extremely free and humanist individual being, who are travelling in will. No matter a person is born as a Baul or Fakir, a Hindu or Muslim, he will be a supreme seeker, who stays detached from ceremonial observances, spiritual orthodoxies and the regulations of the township civilization.

The Stage illumination is an essential element of out-of-doors evening performances and the technicians has formed the right frame of mind by with the helped an ideal intensity here and the shade that helped strengthen the performances. If the artists kept their spectators fascinated, the latter were helpful and thankful. The response for the festival that the team received has been extremely heartening, optimistic and much gratifying. The milieu of the fort and the different spits inside the fort compliments the music that artists from all over the globe display facing the audience.

Overall, World Sufi Spirit festival was an unbelievably excellent event!!

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