Art Gallery at the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

In the gigantic continuum of Rajasthani Art & Heritage, the requirement of nurturing and preserving art and artists was significantly experienced. This observable fact carried the institution of an global Art & culture centre in Jaipur, prevalently referred to as the “Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK)”. This worldwide institution spotlights on the conservation and endorsement of the diverse types of Indian Art & culture; decorates more on the visual and artistic legacy of Jaipur. In previous years, JKK has actually turned out to be the well-liked artistic destination and gives importance to the newly budding Art and cultural centers. All over the year, cultural activities are carried on in the premises of JKK. It includes workshops, seminars, dance & music theatre shows, recitals, book publications on art and culture.

On account of the activities accomplished at JKK, this vivacious organization is delighted to depict the fine distinctions of an International Art & Cultural centre. It is also brimming energetically with the live performances of local folk singers and dancers thus showcasing and preserving the real and indisputable formula. Moreover, the organization considerably allows art- experts , artists & scholars , artisans to interrelate with each other (which hardly ever takes place in the commercial art and cultural places and resorts. This unity and involvement smooth the progress of scholars, voyagers and connoisseurs to understand about the culture, art, community battles, ancient times and the lifestyle that is widespread in the state of Rajasthan.


JKK’s huge and exclusively created building was designed by Charles Correa, the globally famous Indian engineer. The structural design of JKK is anchored in the idea of Indian astrology and imitates the square-grid plan of Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan. The main building of JKK has an ethnographic museum, administrative block, momentary exhibition galleries, outdoor theatre, AC theatre, a sports ground, dormitories, coffee house and a library. The edifice of JKK building is based on the nine planets theme that actually adds exclusive traits to the institution. Every single part of the building mirrors the uniqueness of the individual planet. For example, the library is placed in the Jupiter area, which symbolizes to knowledge and insight. The Murals from the Jain legends, the paintings and charts on the ceiling of the mid dome has a major role in creating a center of attraction among artists and tourists. JKK creates the unique nature of the establishment. The coffee house that is situated in the lunar area symbolizes the less exposed elements of astronomy via paintings and originality, even on the coffee tables!!! What is more, it also features the leisure activities of the art connoisseurs and intelligentsias in the aromatic atmosphere of their judgments, mouth-watering cuisines and coffee beans.

The Alankar Museum, the Art Gallery:

The everlasting ethnographical art gallery named “The Alankar Museum” stands for the concrete and elusive inheritance of Rajasthan, by means a massive variety of relics displayed here. One more attraction is the 6 exhibition galleries that are currently being considered as the art exhibition spaces. A number of artists of global status have displayed their unique creations here. For the artists, the art center has been a marker as a public playground for budding and displaying innovative and difficult work from corner to corner of the arts. Global Artists consider the institution as a ground-breaking and a suitable means of apprehending on the subject of the art and culture of India. The citations section (audio-visual and library areas) of JKK has latest and huge assortment of publications on fine arts, music that pulls art connoisseurs & scholars as well as a theatre.


Shilpgram, a pastoral complex with 6 huts is near the main edifice of JKK. Shilpgram represents the bucolic ambience of different provinces of Rajasthan. These are: Braj, Marwari, Shekhawati, Desert land, Hadoti and Tribal. Except the standard art-culture slanting activities, a mega annual festival called “LokRang” is also conducted during October & November months to rejoice the mysterious and lively folk Art & cultural tradition of India. The ‘‘National Folk Festival’’ or ‘‘Lok Rang’’ includes National Dance Festival and National Handicraft Fair.

Fourth year Art Gallery of JKK:

The 4th Art gallery of Jawahar Kala Kendra of 2014 will take account of 25 talented artists from all over the country who displayed their rare photographs and wonderful paintings. The Art exhibition is planned to continue from April 11th to 14th of 2014 starting from 10.00 am till 07.30 pm even on Sunday. This weekend will discover the exciting paintings and photographs while experiencing the authentic and genuine Rajasthan at the Jawahar Kala Kendra.

In the present day, JKK acts typically as a non-profitable art & cultural centre that promotes the fortitude of art and culture. The JKK is conceivably the most truthful illustration of diverse forms of Art and Culture widespread in the state of Rajasthan.

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