Microsoft’s Tech Vista 2014

Tech Vista 2014 has selected the pink city to hold the symposium this year. TechVista 2014 will be filled with internationally documented research leaders. Tech Vista 2014 is the 9th annual research symposium in Jaipur this January. This is conducted by the Microsoft Research India. Basically, Tech Vista is the annual research symposium of Microsoft Research India. This event amasses the most excellent intelligences from the technical and educational globes onto a universal platform. Tech Vista offers a great chance for the Government, universal research community and students to interrelate and share the innovative ideas on research and its upcoming routes.


Tech Vista 2014 will be conducted in Jaipur, the Pink city of, Rajasthan on January 24 of 2014. Tech Vista 2014 will assemble the first-rate computing researchers, governmental leaders, and talented academics. It is a most excellent platform to work together and swap over ideas while conversing about the function of Computer Science in the year 2014.


TechVista 2014 will be held on Friday, January 24. The event will be held between 08:30 am and 06:30 pm. The Venue of Tech vista 2014 in Jaipur is Deepsmriti Auditorium, Tagore International School in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

TechVista 2014 Speakers and Summary of their speech:

* Jeannette Wing: The Impact of Computer Science Research on Technology, Science, and civilization:

The meadow of computing is steered by technological modernism, societal requirements and scientific queries. There is an amazing relationship, push & pull among these 3 drivers. That is to say, picking up the pace in technological progressions and colossal societal demands compels civilizations to re-examine the most essential scientific queries of computing. These drivers are also events of the impact of computing research. Jeannette will be offering some instances from the Microsoft Research and their impact on technology, society and science. She will direct the batons to innovative directions for computing research.

* Hsiao-Wuen Hon: Datafication of the globe: Populace & Physical Spac:

Despite the fact that Big Data has developed into an well-liked phrase in the modern day, Hsiao-Wuen Hon will talk about the ways to use data to a better model, understand, and symbolize the globes repeated process all over the ages. Data lets people to construct models to comprehend the ways through which the globe operates, so that they can make enhanced forecasts and judgments and see the earth from new fangled standpoints. He will also investigate projects from the Microsoft Research in Beijing in the topics of graphics, urban informatics and human computer interaction to exemplify the ways through which the data offer new and better-off means to connect with citizens and the substantial space.

* Curtis Wong: From the border of the Universe and the flipside:

Curtis talk will wrap up the conception of the Worldwide Telescope to envisage the Universe served as the groundwork to research more intricate energetic data sets and its guided expedition will lend a hand in democratize access and perceptive of spatial chronological information for people on the Earth.

* Chris Bishop: Probabilistic Models & Machine Learning:

Chris’s speech will commence the major ideas of computing with indecision, and will be explained with tutorial instances and real-world case revisions.

* Bill Thies: Real time audience survey or polling with computer vision

In his speech, Bill this will explain the experience piloting the computer vision technology in the schools of Bangalore. They will also perform a live exhibition!

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