Jaipur kite festival

Kite Festival in Jaipur

India is known for its rich culture demonstrated by various forms like folk dances, festivals, apparels, cuisine and ethical atmosphere filled with respect and honor for every person in the world. The festivals in India is enriched with much importance and historical rituals mentioned with the book of Hindu mythology. If we talk about the state of royalty known as Rajasthan, the festivals celebrated in this state demonstrate the same significance as other festivals do. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, states the place of elegant beauty sharing the famous festivals of India. One such famous festival in Jaipur is named as “Makar Sakranti”.

Makar sakranti is celebrated every year on January 14th. Maker Sakranti festival is titled as one important festival in Rajasthan which is celebrated with immense joy and harmony. Every one is aware of the kite flying plays which is not only the part of Indian plays but famous all over the globe. This festival is dedicated as the day of kites. Every year, this day is celebrated by flying kites high in air. The families on this day visit their relatives and celebrate the joyous evening together. This day promise one thing, i.e. the flying kite competition in air. The whole sky is reported with colorful kites in air in competition with each other.

As we know that India is famous for its cuisines especially the sweets which are the part of every occasion and festival in India, so this festival. On this day, the ladies in the family cook the special sweets knows as Til Laddu and Til Papdi and shares these sweets with their closed ones. The festival allows every member in the family to enjoy the play for flying kites in air and build a competitive essence with others in order to let their kites be tied up flying in high sky. Every family in Jaipur visit their relatives and shares the sweets they make at their home with others and let the essence of the joyous festival be the part of everyone’s heart sharing the glimpse of pride and honor of the rich culture illustrated by this festival.

The Jaipur kite festival shares the important role in the culture of Rajasthan and thus this festival is celebrated not only by families but also the schools and colleges organize the kite competitions one day prior to the festival and let the students enjoy this richness of Jaipur kite festival. The winners are then rewarded with shields and many types of gifts. This is what is unique in different institutions of Jaipur which does not only celebrate the pacific festivals but also teach the students about the rich heritage and quality values of Jaipur.

If we talk about art and culture involved in this kite festival, then it has to be the making of kite. Many people may not be aware of the fact that the kites in Jaipur are made by the hard-working craftsmen of Rajasthan along with the thread which is tied on the kite to let it fly in air. The kites and thread under this festival are made of many styles and colors demonstrating the colorful signification of this festival. Jaipur kite festival shares the royal and elegant dignity of traditions of Rajasthan in each and every street and road of the Jaipur city. One can notice the small children on the streets with their eye smudged in air and waiting for a moment when a kite flies down on earth. so, interested in joining the kite festival in Jaipur? So pack your bags and fly to Jaipur and experience this amazing and unforgettable kite festival with the colors of Jaipur filled with royalty and dignity.

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