Jaipur Elephant Festival

Jaipur Elephant Festival

In northern and western states of India, if there is any state which is famous for the Elephant festival, then it has to be Rajasthan. As everybody knows that Rajasthan is famous for its rich heritage and unique appearance in every matter of each festival, this goes well with the elephant festival as well. Elephant festival is considered as one grand festival of Jaipur which is organized on the full moon day of Phalgun Purnima which coincides with Holika Dahan festival.

Elephant as an animal is treated with great importance in Hindu mythology which became the custom Vahana (transport) of Lord Indra. Also, the Lord Ganesha is apparelled with the head of an elephant, thus customizing the religious importance of elephant. Elephant shares the royal importance and appearance in the state Rajasthan. The Maharajas (Kings) of Jaipur treated elephants as their royal transport to travel from one region to another. After winning any war, the kings of Jaipur used to travel the city in Honor on the back of elephant and every citizen of the city used to celebrate the victorious day of the king. This talks about the significance of elephant festival in Jaipur.

Jaipur elephant Festival is celebrated by parade (marathon) of elephants where the elephants of Rajasthan are decorated and apparelled with beautiful and colourful clothes symbolizing the Rajasthani Traditions. The apparel of the elephants does not only include clothes, rather the jewellery and large elephant size anklets are the part of the same beautifying the natural appearance of the elephant.  During this festival, different types of entertainment mode are being played which includes Rajasthani folk dances, playing nagada (Drums), horse riding that ensures the celebration of the presence of the legendary demons in the form of elephant.

Every year, the number of tourists rapidly increases during the elephant festival in Jaipur which ensures the unique and royal festival filled with richness of values and socials of the state. During this festival, every tourist in jaipur is welcomed in the city whole heartedly and is expected to enjoy their journey to the Jaipur culture by participating in this festival. The tourist people can participate in the festival by riding of elephants, dancing with Rajasthani girls and thus, feel the real essence of the festival enriched with royal culture and art. Earlier the elephant festival used to play in Chaugan stadium, but due to increase in popularity and population visiting the festival, the fair is being shifted to golf course in Jaipur near to the Sawai Man Singh stadium. Everyone must have heard about the horse polo sports, but Jaipur is a proud city which organizes elephant polo in the city with many tourist attracted towards the same. And the same sports is organized on Jaipur elephant Festival. The festival shares the richness and pride of the Rajasthani traditions filled with royal heritage.

With the increasing globalization  this festival ensures that even today, the people of Rajasthan are deeply and closely connected to the sand of the state. Every local jaipurite person is proud of this festival which elaborated the talent and excellence of Rajasthani people without disrespecting the demons “Elephant”. The world may grow western, but people here are smart and dedicated enough that they won’t ever let go their traditions and customs to lose in the riots of modern colours of the globe. Jaipur elephant Festival is one such example that demonstrates love, respect and dedication of localize towards their state and honoured art and culture of Rajasthan. Jaipur elephant Festival is titled as the perfect exemplar demonstrating the purity and richness of customs and values of Rajasthan which shares a worthy respect and pride in every part of the world.

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