Annual Hand-Painted Apparel Exhibition

Annual Hand-Painted Apparel Exhibition

Jaipur October 15, 2022. Aniitaa's fashion exhibition at the 310, Lane No. 6, Near Bliss Hotel, Raja Park, Jaipur, is set to open on October 15 and 16 from 11 a.m to 7.00 p.m. The Chief guest Shri. Bhim Singh Hada Ji renowned, reputed artist of Jaipur, inaugurated the hand-printed apparel exhibition. He appreciated the skill and realistic work.

Ms Anita said, “Mother inspired me, and I started my hand-painted clothing apparel exhibit to show it to the world. The attendees were fascinated with a plethora of choices. She added that it would have been impossible without Ms Asita Jain.
People found the exhibition fabulous as it covers specific clothing's demand niche; they said, we are mesmerised with the concept and genius of both design and colouring”.

“Clothing has become an extension of skin” – Media philosopher Marshall Mc. Lukan.

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