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Amity Jaipur UniversityJaipur is capital of the state Rajasthan which demonstrate the fusion of old and new culture under one place. From the Richness of Indian traditions to the system of Modern Civilization, everything is covered by this state under a whole cycle of developing people into different areas with active knowledge and customs. If we talk about education system in Rajasthan, it provides the best extended facilities and platform for students to fully develop themselves along with fields of Excellence and Talent. One such University in Jaipur is AMITY JAIPURUNIVERSITY. Amity UniversityJaipur is ranked Number 1 University in Rajasthan.
Amity University in Jaipur was established and built in 2008 by Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF) in 150 acres of land providing the Best Quality values to students. The courses offered by the University helps in the development of practical, theoretical, reasonable and logical knowledge that helps them to build up and stand uniquely with the world.

Let’s talk about the facilities of Amity Jaipur University in details

Programs Offered: Talking at graduation and post graduation platform, the University offers the degree in Architecture, Biotech, Commerce, Communication, Computer science,  Economics, Engineering, Fashion, Fine arts, Hospitality, Law, Liberal Arts, Management, Performing arts, Psychology, Travel and Tourism and Behavioral Science.

Learning Environment: The University demonstrates the exemplar of environment best suited for overall development of students in the chosen area along with practical and own worthy perspective knowledge. The students in the University are overwhelmed by the opportunities to develop them in their own way and convey their thoughtful processes into action. This is the place ruled by students thoughts guided by the best trained staff.

On-Campus Placements: the vision of the University shares the underline path of development along with deserving placements to the blessed students of excellence. This speaks of the one foremost reason of this University to be number 1 in Rajasthan. The big corporate sectors like Airtel, HSFC, Genpact, ICICI, IndiaBulls, Kotak, Mahindra, Reliance Communication, Vodafone, HDFC and many more which aims on excellence and knowledge are the tie-up corporate companies providing placements by this University.

Strong Research Focus: The University aims tto every field that helps in overall development of the student. One such focus is Strong Research. The fields like Biotech, Architect, Performing Arts and many more are closely related to the research availability resulting in perfection of knowledge. The University guard on such researches as well ensuring the complete hierarchy of chosen field.

Foreign Trips: the University provides the opportunity to the deserving students with the foreign internship that dignifies and honor their potential and wisdom towards their learning. The foreign internship acts like an important milestone in one’s resume and career which is provided by this University to ensure the full potential and knowledge of students.

Human Resource Centre: Other than studies, what important thing required in acknowledging the strength of a student are the curricular and resource activities. The University demonstrates such facilities in the campus provided by gymnasium, golf course, sports facilities and cultural activities.

Accommodation Facilities: The students other than localize are furnished with best hostel facilities along with dining hall, separate rooms, air-conditioner, indoor activities and entertainment facilities. The accommodation in the University ensures the comfortable and pleasing surrounding to all the students aiming to become the proud and honor gems of Amity.

The University every year ensures the best gems to the nation capable of developing the industries with their own strength and knowledge of excellence to the new heights of success and victory. Aiming to develop the globe in every positive aspect with the highest potential and spirit is what this University missions for. The mission of the University does not only persevere in the hearts of the staff but also to the soul of every student who is part of the Amity Jaipur University.

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