The Grand Gangaur parade in Pink city

Even though, Rajasthan is the driest and most arid state of India, when it comes to absolute shade and liveliness, the state stands out than any other. Also, Rajasthan is best observed in all its vibrant shades at the time of Gangaur, the spring festival devoted to the divinity of profusion, Gauri (Parvati). Gangaur is a chiefly a women-focused festival, since most of the revels and Worships are performed by the women. The fortnight leading up to Gangaur is marked by fasting, worships of Gauri on a daily basis. Also, on the festival day, a festooned and delightfully clothed deity of the goddess is the showpiece of a sophisticated procession.

The conventional and multicolored Gangaur procession in Jaipur with all its imperial spectacle and ceremony started on April 02, 2014, Wednesday around 5.30 pm. The precession started from the Tripoliya Gate (City Palace) heading its way through Tripolia Bazar, Chhoti Chaupar & Gangauri Bazaar to conclude at the Talkatora. The procession also left from Talkatora on the next day simultaneously. Preparations have been made for the voyagers to take pictures of the grand procession from the terrace of Hind Hotel in front of the Tripoliya gate. The vibrant procession of Gangaur festival kicked off from the Tripoliya Gate on Wednesday evening. The procession was headed by festooned camels, old chariots, bullock carts and horses. Women who took part in the procession were dressed up in conventional poshak and strike a chord of one of the imperial trinkets of Rajasthan.

Various Dance forms:

Folk dancing are conducted which will amaze visitors through Kalbeliya, Gair and Kachhi ghodi. These dances stand as a symbol of the pastoral exquisiteness of the state. As soon as travelling its way through Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar, the parade had stopped at the Talkatora in all its pageantry. At the Talkatora, the Pink city observed one more festivity event that was hosted by “Jaipur Municipal Corporation” to tribute the conventional festival. This also led to the revitalization of the misplaced appeal of the Talkatora water body. Having been disregarded for about 22 years, the water body was particularly equipped for this occasion. For the past few years, a lot of festivals and revels have been modified biologically; nonetheless, the Gangaur procession has hold on to its conventional allure. Voyagers and visitors got an opportunity to observe the traditional dances and performances such as, Bamrasia Dance, Kachhi Ghodi, Behrupia, Kalbeliya, Gair, Chakri and Algoza in addition to others.

Dhalet Chobdar:

The parade comprises cannon carriage, festooned carriage, bedecked horses & camels. More than a few trained bands also accompanied the procession. The Sawari of the Gangaur was almost towards the end of the procession that was followed by the Dhalet Chobdar where women were dressed up in traditional dresses with the Kalash and accumulated police on the horses.

Voyagers truly enjoyed the boat rides. Musical performances were also held by the Army Band. Special Police Commissionerate Band also took place for the event. Jea Band, one of the ancient musical groups of the state, also performed for the juncture.


Parveen Mirza, a young entertainer from the city, presented a zest of the typical desert sort of music, the Rajasthani Maand to the spectators. He also performed “Kesariya balam”, the song that the spectators really loved. In addition, the event included Chang, Chari and Terai taali dance performances by the folk performers.

Visitors and tourists made all efforts to reach the Ganguar procession venues before 5.30 pm and also found a spot to take pleasure in the Ganguar procession at ease.


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