Glittering Deepotsav in Pink city!

Almost not even a week passes without some type of occasion or celebration in the state of Rajasthan. Starting from spiritual congregations to the giant elephant festivals, Rajasthani calendar brims over with unique days!! This means the Rajasthanis are pampered with options and finds a way to enjoy and gather. Yet again, it is that moment of the year when Rajasthan makes merry of a celebration consecutively with the customary ceremony and jollity. In the past few years, the sightseeing department of Rajasthan has been arranging the most admirable “Deepotsav festival” at the “Jalmahal ki paal” in Jaipur.

The whole Pink City of Jaipur rejoiced on the 2-day ‘Deepotsav’ Festival that was conducted from October 30, 2013 to October 31, 2013 with the milieu of the impressive Jal Mahal. This was notified by Rakesh Srivastava, the chief Secretary of tourism. On both days, Deepotsav fair was held between 6 pm – 9 pm. In essence, this is the third year of Deepotsav festival in pink city. Diwali festival more than ever, in Jaipur had, over a period of time, turned out to be an eminent festival similar to the “Cattle Fair of Pushkar” or the “Dusshera of Kota”. People admired excellent folk performances, delicious food stalls in various parts of Jaipur Walled City in addition to the colorful fire crackers and illumination at the famous Jal Mahal Ki Paal in Anber Road of Jaipur.

The Key spotlights of Deepotsav festival this year are:

  • The whole region in which Deepotsav was celebrated has been festooned in conventional Rajasthani decorations on Deepawali theme with Diwali properties, buntings, hangings, mandanas, gorgeous rangolis, fresh flowers, ornamental lighting and so on. Numerous candles and lamps brightened up the whole region in cheerful frame of mind.
  • On two days of the event, multihued and vivacious folk performances by talented Folk artists of Rajasthan added more glamour to Deepotsav revels.

Chakri dance, Kalbeliya dance, singing by langas , chari dance, Algoza and bhapang are some of the impressive performance that were the spotlights of Deepostav, the artistic show. The langas sang with gusto while the Algoza & bhapang performances enchanted the sightseers. Eye-catching fireworks show was also a major component of the grand Deepostav festival.

Both sightseers and local public observed the blend of multihued folk performances and arresting decorations. Furthermore, the Diwali Festival is illustrious in the Pink city and is rejoiced with utmost interest and joviality. The whole city of Jaipur is wonderfully ornamented in conventional style with the prominence of tradition and culture of the Rajasthan at its finest.

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