Mesmerizing Art and Crafts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a throng of talents, bravery and enlightenment. Although Rajasthan is an arid region, its countryside has huge scenic places, starting from majestic Aravali hills to flourishing wooden land, lakes and numerous rivers. Many shrines and citadels in Rajasthan go up of the sand dunes similar to fantasies that epitomize the cultural impact of Rajput, British and Mughal period of ruling and the passive coexistence of manifold religions. All these wonderful aspects of Rajasthan are evident in the state’s wealthy tradition of art & handicrafts. At the end of the day, Rajasthan is a shopper's delight. One can shop wonderful crafts in Rajasthan and redecorate his/her house with the reminiscences from the centuries old regal culture. The total variety and assortment of crafts in Rajasthan is far-fetched. Supported by crowned heads, the arts and crafts have been thriving in Rajasthan for centuries. The vivid state of Rajasthan also has been a major business center for years. Rajasthan is involved in the export businesses for a long period. The state of Rajasthan and its crafts are the resource of never-ending enthralment.

Colonial artistic quality of Rajasthan:

Rajasthan, an abode to several surprising assortments of time-honoured arts and cultural crafts is a destination where tourists can stumble on century old artistic skills which persists to create some of the most excellent imaginative and exhilarating commodities in various vibrant cities of Rajasthan. This marvellously accomplished art and crafts are well-liked and conserved not only by the districts of the province, but also a popular lure for global visitors from all over the world. In the present day, Rajasthan has acquired a gigantic fame, owing to its affluent handicrafts, which is an outstanding aspect of Rajasthan’s civilization. If you are a shopaholic and would like to shop some of the exclusive relics of Rajasthan, you should not miss the chance to shop around the lively bazaars, carnivals, festivals that are often held in the sparkling cities of Rajasthan.

Major Art and Craft centers of Rajasthan:

The majority of cities in Rajasthan have their own speciality in the traditional arts and crafts. In the past, people who belonged to specific areas of Rajasthan were renowned and appreciated for their unique arts and crafts. Also, judicious support and curiosity from the emperor of that specific region assisted in development of local arts and crafts to a greater extent.

Take a look at some of chief cities in Rajasthan that specialize in unique arts and crafts:

The Pink city of Jaipur : Obviously, the dazzling Jaipur jewelry is popular all over the world. Sparkling Jewelries of highest quality are made with gold and silver in Jaipur. Another technique of making jewelry with gold and glass that is inimitable to Rajasthan is known as ‘Thewa’. There are some famous Jewellers in Jaipur city. In the past, the imperial Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the creator of Jaipur was active in welcoming talented Jewellers to his city. One among them was the Surana jewellers. Surana jewellers was invited to Jaipur from Delhi in the year 1735 to endorse the obscure art of hand-made diamond, gold, kundan, enamel and precious stone jewelries. The exclusive Lac bangles acquire the special attention of the visitors. Wearing the Lac Bangles is assumed to fetch good portent. These bangles are available in several designs and colors. In addition, Jaipur colourful carpets and rugs also make an impression in both Indian and global market. Zari embroidery and Quilting are the specialities of Rajasthan and can be found in the city of Jaipur. You can also get prosperous Blue Pottery that dates back to 16th century in Jaipur. The wonderful art of creating glassy blue pottery was fetched down to the city of Jaipur from Persia. This unique form of art makes use of trampled quartz in the lace of clay. The vibrant colors of the pottery are got from copper oxide (green) and cobalt oxide (blue).

Bikaner: The city of Bikaner has its own idiosyncrasy. Several beautiful crafts are made out of sheep wool and camel skin. Gorgeous carpets, wood items and woollen items are very popular in Bikaner.

Ajmer: The leather crafts of Ajmer & Puskar cities in Rajasthan are well-admired. The excellence of the leather crafts is also great. The combined endeavour of the local folks offers Unique shapes to the crafts. Generally, men involve in the cutting, tanning and stitching processes while women carry out the embroidery and embellishment processes of the crafts.

Jodhpur: Jodhpur is famous for sandals, leather shoes, fans, water bags, musical instruments and embellished pouches. The “Jhuttis” are created with embroidered uppers. To buy the handcrafted and delightfully carved furniture, one should visit Jodhpur. Also, Jodhpur city is known for making beautiful glass bangles.

Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer, the desert city of Rajasthan is well-known for woollen-pattu shawls, embellished articles, mirror work fabrics and other objects of wood, trinkets. Silver jewelry of better quality is locally made here.

Udaipur: A surplus of craft items such as vivid tie and dye saris & turbans, folk toys, garments, hand-painted textiles are some of the best items to shop in Udaipur city.

Kota: Kota in Rajasthan is the abode of the celebrated “doria” saris. In Kota, small garment manufacturing units create these unique doria saris. Doria saris are much demanded textile among the global tourists during summers.

Exquisite Rajasthan Paintings:

Rajasthan paintings are world famous. One can find these unique paintings at the renowned schools of painting such as Hadoti, Marwar, Mewar, Kishangarh, Alwar and Dhundhar. Tourists and visitors can buy the optimum quality of miniature paintings at these places. Visitors will be surprised by the gorgeous blend of colors and shades which are skillfully painted on both paper and fabric. Phada paintings are the portrayal of traditional folk art on fabric. This painting generally represents the actions of a gallant figure. Phada paintings are well thought-out to be sanctified and labor on those paintings is instigated only after conducting certain rituals.

Also, different provinces of Rajasthan have their individual style that is represented in different schools of paintings. Since the state of Rajasthan is famous for its time-honored art, the tie and die prints, block prints, Sanganer prints, Bagaru prints and Zari embroidery are some of the most important export merchandise of Rajasthan. Basically, the miniature paintings show the scenes from legends and from the olden times of the province. Jaipur and Udaipur are well-known for the miniature style paintings. Portrayal of combat and hunting scenes is represented in miniature paintings that instigated from Kota & Bundi. Kishangarh city has one more school of painting renowned for its portraits of Radha and Lord Krishna.

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