Jawahar kala Kendra

Jawahar kala Kendra (JKK) was established in the repute of vast spectrum of Rajasthani Art and Heritage. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is an international institution of art and culture promoting various genres of Indian art and culture. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is known as the home of embellishing visual art and culture in Jaipur, Rajasthan. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA, every year, gets charmed by the exhibitions of different kinds, which includes seminars, workshops, dance and music recitals, theatre shows and publication of books on art and culture. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is known for its unique structure which was designed by a popular Indian architect of international honor- Charles Correa. The architecture of JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA resembles to the planned grid of jaipur city. The Main JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA building consist of administrative block, enthographics museum, exhibition galleries, open theatre, air conditioned theatre, arena, library, dormitories and Indian coffee house. The design of JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is based on the concept of Indian astrology. The theme ok JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA consist of nine planets with unique features to the institution with each section describing the characters of the respective planets.

The library is situated in the Jupiter section which symbolizes the knowledge and wisdom. The coffee house is in lunar section portraying the aspects of astronomy through the detailed paintings on the wall. The central dome is considered as one important attraction to the tourists and artists, by the charts and paintings on the ceiling describing the Murals from Jain mythology. One honor of JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is the art gallery The Alankar Museum which represents the art and heritage of Rajasthan through various artifacts which are pride and repute of Rajasthan. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA has always been the centre of displaying the international art work in the rajasthan region which owes a respect in the field of art and excellence. The library and audio-visual division is a platform of endowed documentation section which contains a variety of publications of not only theatre and fine arts, but Music has also been the part of the same which is most attracted by scholars and art performers.

As we know that rajasthan is an ambience of rural region as well, the Shilpgram of JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA tokens the rural areas of Rajasthan. Shilpgram is a rural complex adjoining the main building of JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA consists of six huts which are considered as the residence in rural areas. They are names as: Marwar, Braj, Shekhawati, Tribal, Desert land and Hadoti. Every year, JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA surmounts with the biggest festival known as LOKRANG. This festival attributes the traditional culture and ethics of India which comprises of national handicraft fair and national dance festival.

This is a place where artists, aartisans, scholars, visitors and art lovers can enjoy the real view of rajasthan and connect themselves as if they are meant to be here. With the amazing architect on the astrology theme, one can never find such a place enriched with the deep culture of India anywhere in the globe. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is one such place in Jaipur which respects and residence the traditional Indian culture. The place of repute, JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA, is fragmented with art and culture essence where one can feel and amaze the beauty of true India in many forms. Talking from theatre to the dance forms, they are still the grass-root links to the old Indian tradition and pride. JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA is not only an attraction to the tourist people but also it resembles the heart of true Rajasthan flourished with real and authentic culture through the forms of music, dance and art praised in every corner of world.


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