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A question, Jaipur is coined as the biggest export market for ? The answer goes: handicrafts. The handicrafts material is Jaipur are titled as one of the unique and distinctive features of Jaipur culture identifies by many forms the handicrafts of Jaipur offers the wide variety of segments from small to large which typically describes the real and pure art of Jaipur. the craftsmen in Jaipur are stated to commit their whole life just into making handicrafts for the city and developing the city one step ahead in art and craft form.

Jaipur is not only titled as the best destination to experience the handicrafts products, but also serves as the ONLY destination to realize that how unique and innovative are the craftsmen of Jaipur. nothing is to be compared of the talent and innovations involved by the craftsmen of Jaipur. the art and craft form in Jaipur since the bygone era has played an important and crucial role in making the city a destination of pure craft without any artificial ingredients into the crafts form of the state Rajasthan.

The different segments of handicraft products in Jaipur are defined as:

Type of handicrafts

Includes what?

Puppets Puppets are the most famous segments of handicrafts in Jaipur which are made of woods and dressed in Rajasthani apparels. Puppets are used in Rajasthani puppet shows and sometimes people also like to take the puppets to adore the house with the presence of the same.
Stationery The stationery products like folder, pens, files, holders etc. are also the part of the handicrafts segments in Jaipur. these handicrafts stationery products are only made in Jaipur and exported in many areas of the world.
Home decor Home decor segments like wall holders, curtain holders etc, are also circumference in the category of handcrafts of Jaipur. the crafted home decor things in Jaipur are unique and adds on to the beauty of the home and give it a distinctive look offering the a rooms of Rajasthani culture.
Face masks Face masks are also one of the segments which are made by pure clay mud and then painted with beautiful colors. These are categorized as handicrafts as they are made by the experienced and trained craftsmen in Jaipur
Flower pots The city Jaipur offers various shapes and sizes of flower pts from small to giant made by the artists. The flower pots in Jaipur are made by the craft mud and then decorated with different and beautiful hues
Kitchen wears Kitchen wears like clay pot, clay utensils are also categorized into handicrafts as they are made by the craftsmen of Jaipur using the clay mud
Sheets and covers Sheets and covers in Jaipur which are generally known as sanganeri prints and Bagru paints are also the segment of handicrafts as it offers the printing done with hands of artists

BLUE POTTERY- Among the popular handicrafts of Jaipur, Blue pottery is most famous kind of handicraft available in Jaipur. Porcelain clay is used to make Artifacts and many coloured powder are use in the decoration of these handicrafts but specially typical blue shiny powder is used. blue pottery exhibition are put up in many places of the city. Where each and every customer can take a look and buy them. The different places where these handicrafts can be easily available are irla auditorium, Jawahar Kala Kendra etc. Blue pottery handicrafts are used in the interior decoration of many hotels and luxurious houses. Handicrafts like Flower pots, vases, Lamps, etc are very common in this kind of pottery work.

LAC BANGLES- Handicrafts also include the Lac bangles,Jaipur Lac bangles are known all over the world. The Jaipur Lac bangle work is famous in the area of Tripolia Bazaar and nearby Maniharo ki Gali. Most of this work has been limited to homes of the artisans only. The bangles range from 20INR-2000INR. Even Gold bangles have lac work on it. Earlier people used to make precious gems out of it, and people who use to make these gems were called “lakharas”. Lac bangles made up of red and green colours which are majorly worn on different festive and celebrating occasions for eg. Teej, Weddings, birth occasions etc. The bangles are also available in different sizes, the speciality of these angles are that if they get broken or damaged they can be easily repaired.

BANDHANI- Bandhani print of Jaipur as its own elegance and importance in the Jaipur Handicrafts. The suits, fabric and sarees with Jaipur Badhani print is famous in world. And this work is typically being done in a large amount in the city. Bandhani prints are famous for its vibrant colours and traditional prints and motifs. Tourists specially come to the city to buy these Bandhani apparels. The major fabric used in bandhani printing is generally cotton, sometimes Silk is also used. The famous showrooms of the bandhani prints are- Rooplakshmi, Navneet Sare Centre, Rana Sarees etc. Other than apparels, bandhani turbans are also very famous which are worn on weddings and festivals etc.

All the craftsmen, even today happens to share their talent with the world since they ar born. The past generation of craftsmen with no second thought had dedicated with every breathe of life to successfully endorse the culture of Jaipur in the form of handicrafts, which is undoubtedly a statement of worth and respect. All the craftsmen even today are honoured and respected every where because of their amazing and unique talent they demonstrate in the form of handicrafts products. Jaipur handicrafts is a typical and unique segment in Jaipur offering their talent and innovation to step up the creativity and culture found in Jaipur, the capital city of royal Rajasthan. Just as the state Rajasthan is titled royal, the same essence is realized in the handicrafts of Jaipur offering the soul of creativity and innovation by the craftsmen of Jaipur.

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