The title of the article will definitely remind of Telecalling Company with Ahishek Bacchan as the lead role, well the major objective of the title was to relate the new advances in the “mobile world”.

This article here with this title refers to the new vivid areas of investment so after reading this even you say- “What an idea sir ji”. Well targeting to the main objective of the article is the Investment, investing in those new sectors.

What is Investment?

To talk in layman’s language, investment is nowadays is a new way of ensuring your future is the investment. Investments in lands, policies, shares are the oldest possibilities of investing and securing your future and your income.

Old trends of Investments

  1. Land : The price of the land has seen and incredible increment in the past years. People who have bought a piece of land some years ago at a price on 1-1.5 lakhs are now happy because of such kind of increment in their share of property. The middle class families are now unable to buy even a small piece of land, because of the high rates.
  2. Jewelry : Gold and silver jewelry was once to be called as an investment or savings, the slow increment of the price made it a saving for the people. But today the prices of the Gold and Silver metal has risen to such a limit where buying even a smallest jewel is a huge deal for a middle class family.
  3. Share Market : Share market is the new alternative for the investment of land and jewelry. Around a decade ago, investing in a good company was the new trend of investing money, but now suddenly there has been a decline in the investment in the shares. The sudden decline in the investing of the shares are the sudden downfall of the companies, Satyam and Sahara are some to quote.
  4. Policies and Bonds : Policies and Bonds are all time money investing channels, where the people prefer to invest and save. Yet the blocking of the policies and bonds and people are not able to get benefits at that time have somehow limited the investment in these channels.

The new areas of Investment

If you are an art lover and you love to collect paintings, here you have the new ad the artistic channels of Investment

1. Investment in Paintings :

Painting is the new idea of investment, the art lovers love to collect and admire the beautiful blend of colors. So keep up the spirit and love for the art, because this love of yours will soon be coming up as a new perspective area of investment.

2. Vintage Cars

Another new channel of investment is the vintage cars; the old rustic cars are the new sector of investment. If you have those old rustic cars, possess them and keep them safe, it is your new investment package.

3. Collection of Vintage accessories

Collection of those coins and accessories is the new investment category in the new era, collecting old coins and collectibles is the new investment section. Those who love collecting old metal accessories are a new trend of investment.

So if you are collector of old metal coins, accessories so, keep them safe, you never know when these old collectibles can turn out to be one changing your fortune.

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