Jaipur Agra Tunnel

jaipur agra tunnel

The construction of the Agra tunnel or the Ghat ki Guni tunnel in the capital city of Rajasthani has set new dimensions for the growth of the city. The city will now be growing in its south extension. This tunnel has taken the city into another level of development and growth, the city is growing fast and emerging out as a new metropolitan city.

The inauguration of the tunnel was done by the UPA President Sonia Gandhi on 19th January. The tunnel was constructed by cutting down all the hills in the southern region of Jaipur city, the construction began in 2002, and in 2005 the blue print of the tunnel was chalked out.

Before the inauguration of the tunnel, a video clip was presented showing how the tunnel was constructed and after the inauguration photo session was done, and soon after the inauguration the whole team went back to Birla Auditorium for the Shivir.

For the inaugural procession Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Ashok Gehlot, Shanti Dhariwal, Mahesh Joshi, Jyati Khandelwal etc were present.

For the inaugural event around 280 special passes were issued and other than that no other vehicles were allowed to enter the particular area. For the first session UPA President Sonia Gandhi pushed the tunnel button which unfurled the tunnel flag and after that her car surveyed the tunnel which then unfurled the rest of the curtains dressed on the tunnel walls.

The whole live inauguration was screened through pout the city. The huge screens were put on the roads in the following area- Badi Chaupar, Raj Mandir, Choti Chaupar and Ajmeri Gate.

The tunnel is not opened for the traffic for next two days it is opened for the people who can come and see the tunnel.


  • Total length : 2800 meters
  • Width : 858 meters
  • Tunnel Length on Agra road : 1042 meters
  • Tunnel length on Jaipur road : 900 meters
  • Bi-lane tunnel
  • The lanes have been connected at a point to switch roads in case of emergency
  • 9 jet fans have been installed to curb pollution
  • Foot paths ion the both lanes have been constructed
  • Automatic Lighting has been installed, in case one transformer gets idle.

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  • Sunday Mishap
    After the Sunday Mishap, the governing bodies have now taken the step to stop two-wheelers from entering Ghat Ki Guni. If something should go wrong, let’s not get the law involved! Two wheelers are already prohibited to pass through the Tunnel, but it was still found that people were trying to enter Tunnel on Monday. More policing is really required to firmly enforce the laws.