Two-days visit to jaipur

Planning a two-day visit to Jaipur  Confused about the trip? Where to go? What to visit? In that case, one should gather information about the pink city.

Jaipur is the semi-desert lands of Rajasthan which is most attracted to the tourist people all over the globe. People here can feel the traditions and customs of Rajput Kings, who were a decade back the founder of the city. With the major business centre, Jaipur is not only recognized for its traditions, but also the fusion of the royal families with the structure resembling to that of MAHARAJAHS PRIDE AND HONOR. A two-day visit to Jaipur must include the air of royalty and Rajputi customs. One must visit the legendary and acclaimed chronicle monolith. One can start with:

Day 1: One can visit malls and leading-edge shrine anywhere in the globe but not the historical tribute. On a two-day trip to Jaipur tourists must start the journey by amber fort. Amber fort is the oldest temple of Jaipur  Worshiping goddess shila devi is considered as the gratifying start of the day. Thereafter, visitors can explore the world heritage sites like hawamahal, jalmahal and the observatory jantar mantar. With the proceeding day, tourist must visit city palace involving Chandra mahal and Mubarak mahal palace. City palace was the RAJ GADDI of the maharaja of Jaipur  The air of royalty and rajputi customs is best structured here. As the day ends, choki dhani is one such place to experience the colors of traditional Rajasthan. From the rajasthani folk dance to the rajasthani food, every streak is created keeping in mind the fable and ethics mythology of royal Rajasthan.

Day 2: For the second day, one must start their half left journey by being the part of the ancient temple garh ganesh situated on top of the mountain near bhrampuri. Each morning, every devotee is enriched by Lord Ganesh Arti, throwing a spiritual light in everyone’s heart. Jaipur is entitled as the locus of ancient temples that includes Govind dev ji temple, Galtaji, tadkeshwar Mahadev and Birla temple. Jaipur as famous for the historical forts, one should never miss the visit to the forts of jaigarh and nahargarh, which best describes the lifestyle of the kings. Bhangarh entitled as one most horror place in the globe is included in the path roads of Jaipur city. But, one should visit there only till evening. With the end of the day, one must shop from the pink city, as the fabrics and clothing available in Jaipur are rarely seen in other regions. The shopping zone includes johari bazaar, tripolia bazaar, bapu bazaar, chaura rasta, char diwari, and sanganer which is recognized for handmade paper industry and sanganeri hand block-printing found no where in the globe.

Jaipur with the mixture of traditions with the modernized state of living is still a benchmark to the customs and Rajputi traditions followed no where in India. The journey seems incomplete without taking back the rituals found at the particular region in the form of shopping and clothing. Jaipur  a place suited for colourful and handicraft shop with magnificent forts and monuments, goes perfect with the saying: “live life, king size”.

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