Jaipur The Pink city : Fusion of Old and New Jaipur

Fusion of Old and New Jaipur

Jaipur, pink city, the capital of Rajasthan, entitled as the most traditional city of India. Jaipur is not only lionized for the traditional behaviour but is also a leading-edge region of India. From riding an elephant in amber fort to the air flights in Jaipur are convenient and luxurious. Jaipur has always been a paradise for tourists counting from beautiful colours, to the marvellous forts and the prevailing shopping-malls environment. One travelling to Jaipur can find Rajasthani food to the multi-cuisine environment.

If one find amber fort as the traditional attraction in the city Jaipur, then one can find Om tower, a revolving restaurant, as the contemporary cutting-edge in the same city Jaipur. Packed with history of Rajputi customs, neoterism presence is the part of the pink city. From Albert hall to Birla auditorium, the traditions are mixed with the latter-day customs. If at one place, one can be a part of the oldest museum of artifacts like paintings, carpets, sculptures then on the other side, the auditorium includes an interactive science museum, library, a computer centre and a planetarium. The forts, museums and temples are the gems of the Jaipur Rajputi tradition providing an insight into the heritage of India.

Jaipur is recognized for the delightful Rajasthani food like Dal Batti Churma, Mawa Kachori, Ghewar, Rajasthani Sabji and Chapatti. In addition to this, the tourists and food lovers can rejoice themselves with the multi-cuisine restaurants providing Chinese, Mexican, and several other galley in the list. If we talk about jewellery, one can find Rajasthani jewellery along with the contemporary styling under one roof. In ancient times, when the Kings used to travel on their RAJSAWARI on elephants and horses, such charm is seen in the areas of amber fort and Jal Mahal. With the due respect to the customs on Jaipur, people travel cities by railways and airlines as well following the twenty-first century regnant.

Founded by Maharaja Jai Singh, the city is the one planned region in India. Since that time to the centuries passed, the city has been modernized and customized with 5 million residents. Pink city, which was started by the amber fort in 1727 has been ranked 7th best place to visit in Asia. With the due respect to the traditions and customs of ancient times, Jaipur has been entitled as the state-of-the-arts. In order to comfort the tourists’ people, the city is modified with modern technologies. If people on one side enjoy the Jaipur Tamasha which includes the integral part of the folk theatre of Rajasthan, they are also deep rooted to the international theatre culture by being a part of multi-cultural theatres all over the India. Jaipur, where individual’s interests still lies in riding to the elephants and local buses are also the part of the operational rail project called Jaipur metro.

Pink city is one such city, where people can feel the vibes of kings and their lifestyle even while eating in a leading-edge restaurant. That’s why, it is called, Jaipur : the fusion of old and new.

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