Real Spirits of Rural Rajasthan


Experience the Real Spirits of Rural Rajasthan!!

Despite the fact that Rajasthan is admired for its citadels and fortresses, the latent for rural tourism in India is now recognized. Even though, explorers generally visit the copious attractions in the cities of India, the real spirit of India can be found in its rural communities where olden traditions and lifestyle still persist unaffected till now. The ancient forts, cities of chronological significance and globally celebrated monuments have constantly thrilled tourists. However, now, tourism goes further than the closed residences of eminent chronological monuments and huge metropolises. A quick look into the day-to-day lives of villagers who hold an inimitable rural zest of Rajasthan will definitely be a lifetime experience to us. The natural features of Rajasthan are a distinctive amalgamation of history, lifestyles, traditions and inhabitants. With the intention to share this indubitably exceptional experience with all tourists, the Department of Tourism of Rajasthan Government has emerged with an extensive assortment of experiences. The villages in Rajasthan have been carefully elected and all endeavors have been made to make certain a contented stay in these rural dwellings.

Gracious welcoming in Rural Rajasthan:

As soon as you enter into the rural destinations of Rajasthan, you can enjoy the well-known hospitality of this territory. The joyful faces, the multihued ethnic outfits and the gracious welcoming, all offer the ideal blend of rural life experience. The melody of traditional Rajasthani tune that you hear while trolling on the sand dunes, explains the fables of consummate welcoming and stories of bravery.

Rural lifestyle: The rural lifestyle of Rajasthan is the other name of clarity and traditions by all means. The charismatic people who are dressed up in vivacious colors, authentic food made with farm fresh vegetables and other rural features are as unadulterated and cultural as it could be. You can wander around the gigantic green fields that echo the rural lifestyle. Acquire a quick look of a rustic Rajasthani home where water is stored in a clay pot, bullock carts transporting the joke for the stockpile all exemplifies the natural way of living.

Culture: The villages of Rajasthan are where the multicolored culture of this splendid terra firma still lives in its exclusive flamboyance. You can hear the village artists performing to the melody of longstanding musical instruments in their natural locale. Take part in the village revels and festivals to understand the vibrancy of rural Rajasthan.

Cuisine: Throng together to rural Rajasthan all the way through their authentic culinary. Tease your taste buds with roti, conventional curries, flavorful pickles, besan gatta, kair sangri, raita, dal-baati-churma that are cooked on clay stove. The Rajasthani deserts such as, laddu, jalebi, kheer and few other delicacies of Rajasthani serving dish bestows a collection of ethnic desserts to gorge on. Don’t forget to indulge in the pastoral Rajasthan.

Must-see” Rustic Villages of Rajasthan:

Baghera (Ajmer): Baghera is where olden times make a gesture. If you enter the village of Baghera, then, you cross the threshold of the long-gone era. The 10th century temple, 17th century fortress, cenotaphs and caves in this village is a tryst with the magnificent past of Baghera. The famous “Bisalpur dam” is about 14 km away from this rural community.

Alsisar (Jhunjhunu): At Alsisar, harmony and escapade shake hands. Alsisar is a village where the pleasure of exploration gets swathed in a warm coverlet of serenity. This village is assumed to be constructed in the year 1440 AD by a lady named ‘Alsi’. Alsisar is placed about 27 km away from the Jhunjhunu region head office and believed to be one of the idyllic urban for rural quest. Alsisar is a rural community that brims with architectural wonders. The temples, cenotaphs and Havelis in this village represent the brilliance of ancient architectures.

Jhalon ka Guda (Udaipur): Jhalon ka Guda is a village where toutists will be pleased to walk around the prehistoric remnants of the long-gone period. Jhalon ka Guda is where discovery makes you move ahead. Positioned in the middle of wonderful natural location, Jhalon ka Guda is very near to Udaipur city. Get fascinated by the picturesque loveliness of this small village which is congregated with places and temples of spiritual significance. Work together with the locals of this village and take a quick look into the lifestyle of wheel black smiths, potters, dairymen and farmers. Be enchanted with the rural behavior and pamper yourself in trekking and horse riding.

Bichun (Jaipur): Bichuan brings “Art to existence”. Cuddled up in the lap of Aravali mountain ranges, Bichun is the village where you can unearth the cleverness of creating beautiful Rajasthani footwear (mojaris), Sewing (aari taari) pottery and multicolored Rajasthani bangles. Bichuan is dwelling to artisans who have learned the wonderful skill of craftsmanship from mysterious period. Since the villagers of Bichuan are powerfully entrenched to their culture and customs, their existence stands away from the manhandling metropolitan customs. Don’t forget to try your hand at the excellent pottery making when you visit Bichuan. You can even lift up some fundamental skills from the talented potters.

Batadu (Barmer) : Batadu is situated in the “Marwar” district of Rajasthan. It is a village that endows a peep into the modest life of its affectionate populace. Batuda has backwoods, polished sand and so on. Positioned in the interior areas of Barmer, Batadu is a hushed rural community with a naive essence of the rustic life. The beautiful mud dwellings in Batadu village are bedecked with gorgeous rural work of arts and ornamentations. Visit Batadu village to get a perception of the arid region lifestyle. This village stands as a display place of the ornamental skills of the simple rural inhabitants.

Conclusion: Get speckled by the wonderful colors of Rajasthan where every rural community is celebrated for some form of sculpture or handicraft such as metal, clay, leather, textile or stone works. You can walk around the villages and watch the talented potter who craft awesome clay marvels from clay on the wheel or the shoemakers still continuing with his ancient vocation of creating fine-looking mojri (leather footwear) from leather parts. Take a tour around rural Rajasthan and you will be pleased with your decision!!!

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