Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer

Anasagar Lake

Visit the Lovely Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer

The city of Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan is admired by thousands of tourists every year. Predominantly, the city of Ajmer is visited by travelers for the holy place of pilgrimage known as “Dargah Sharif” or “Ajmer-e-sharif”. On the other hand, one more eye-catching aspect of the city that also plays a key role in the adornment of Ajmer is the illustrious AnaSagar Lake. The exquisiteness of the non-natural lake, Ana Sagar, in Ajmer is greatly appreciated by travelers of different cities. Bordered by several gorgeous pavilions and good-looking “Daulat Bagh” gardens, Ana Sagar Lake is one of the most scenic places in Rajasthan. This lake has been a stupendous attraction of Ajmer starting from 11th century. Ana Sagar Lake has also handed round to the origin of Ajmer city. Wrapping a significantly huge area, AnaSagar Lake sprawls over 13 Kilometers. Even though, the lake gets dried out during summer season of the year, it acts as a salvation of Ajmer that fetches liveliness for the locals. At present, AnaSagar Lake serves as a key reason for the innumerable tourists to Ajmer city. In all probability, Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer is the principal and well-liked Lakes in India.

The History of Ana Sagar Lake:

The picturesque Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer was established by emperor “Anaji Chauhan”, who is the grandfather of “Prithvi Raj Chauhan”. Hence, the lake is named after the sovereign Anaji chauhan. King Anaji Chauhan built this lake at some stage between 1135 -1150 AD. He built this lake for the betterment of the civilization. Basically, AnaSagar Lake was constructed by raising a dam across the “Luni or Lavanavari River”. The catchments of the lake were constructed with the huge support and assistance of the community. The arresting Pavilions or “Baradari” that are nearby the lake were constructed in 1637 by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan. The Baradari is essentially a Marble stone pavilion. The “Daulat Bagh Gardens” that surrounds the Ana Saga Lake were established by Mughal sovereign Jehangir. The circuit residence that’s placed on the hilltop in the vicinity of Ana Sagar Lake once served as the British Residency. The High court has prohibited the edifice in the catchment regions of the Ana Sagar Lake areas in order to maintain the charismatic splendor of the lake.

Familiar attractions near Ana Sagar Lake:

Delimited by several dazzling pavilions and attractive “Daulat Bagh” gardens, Ana Sagar Lake is one of the most scenic places in Rajasthan. The beautiful lake of Ana Sagar is delimited by several other attractions such as the “Khobra Behroon” temple which is placed on the southern region of the lake. Other sightseeing attractions that are in close proximity to the AnaSagar Lake are Taragarh Fort, Adahi-Din-Ka Jhopra, Prithviraj Smarak and Nasiyan. In addition, you can also spot a serene islet at the core of Ana Sagar Lake. This island can be reached by hiring a water scooter or a boat. One can hire a boat or water scooter at the eastern side of “Dault Bagh” to enjoy an admirable ride. Tourists and visitors can take leisurely strolls around the lake on the extensive Dault Bagh. Don’t forget to pay a visit to all these attractions as well.

Best time of the year to visit Ana Sagar Lake:

Tourists can be in awe of the absolute beauty of Ana Sagar Lake if, they visit this place during October and March months. This period of the year is when the weather remains fresh, breezy and agreeable. Also, the water level in the lake will move up to the mark offering a beautiful view.

How to reach?

Tourists can reach AnaSagar Lake easily. This place in Ajmer is greatly linked to the different parts of the country through various transportations such as, Bus, Train and Airlines.

Conclusion: Long ago, the Ana Sagar Lake was a non-natural construction that served as a helping hand for the former citizens of Ajmer. Even today, AnaSagar Lake doles out as sustenance of exquisiteness and splendor to the locals and tourists also. Presently, this lake is a major reason for the increasing number of tourists to Ajmer.

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