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The Innovations and Accomplishments of Rajasthan in Excellent Power Plant Projects

Rajasthan, the desert region of India is the dwelling of copious, most excellent power plants in the Nation. Regardless of whether it is Atomic or Thermal power plant, the state of Rajasthan owns it all! Among the 3 solitary states in India, Rajasthan is a state that has achieved the ambition of electricity generation beneath the eleventh five-year proposal.

Some of the notorious Power plants in Rajasthan are

Kota Super Thermal Power Plant:

The most famous Kota Super Thermal Power Plant is sited on the bank of Chambal River in the vicinity of Kota, Rajasthan. The Kota Super Thermal Power Plant has seven operating units with an amazing installed capacity of about 1240 MW. This Thermal power station is the foremost coal-fired power plant in the state of Rajasthan. Acknowledged as one of the most resourceful and prominent thermal power plants in the country, the Kota Super Thermal Power Plant has got several tributes for its terrific efficiency and output during consecutive years 1981to 1989. Since 1992, this power plant has also got many awards incessantly.

Chhabra Thermal Power Plant:

Chhabra Thermal Power Plant is positioned in an arid region called “Chhabra” in Rajasthan. A vital resource of power in this thermal power plant possesses two equipped operating units with a total capacity of about 500 MW. The Chhabra Thermal Power Plant is a power plant that is based on coal ablaze.

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Plant:

The Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station in Rajasthan is positioned about 27 km further than the Suratgarh city in the Ganga nagar region. This thermal power plant is one of the top thermal power plants of the country.

The Suratgarh super thermal power station has obtained quite a few rewards owing to its instigation for reliable and terrific performance for years. It has an overall installed capacity of about 1500 MW. The Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station in Rajasthan has a total of six operating units.

Giral Lignite Power Plant:

The Giral Thermal Power Plant in Rajasthan is a lignite-fired Power plant of “RVUNL” with a great capacity of about 235 MW. This Power plant is situated in the township of Tumbli in the vicinity of ‘Giral’ in Rajasthan. This power plant is lignite-fired. It has two fire turbines that were created in two different periods (one in December 2008 and the other in February 2007). The Giral Thermal Power Plant has two successful working units.

Atomic Power Station in the State of Rajasthan:

The Atomic Power Station is located in the “Chittorgarh region” of the desert land, Rajasthan. This famous atomic power station is positioned 11km away from the ‘Tamlao’ region and 65 km away from the Kota city. The Atomic Power Station in the state of Rajasthan is the nation’s primary ‘Candu’ style water reactor that works under pressure. A Canadian-based heavy water reactor known as the “Canada Deuterium Uranium” is employed in the Nuclear power plants to fabricate nuclear power from the nuclear fuel. This mission was instigated in the year 1968 with the help of Canadian for 220 MW reactors. On the other hand, after numerous events and maintenance, the celebrated Rajasthan Atomic Power Station has an amazing capacity of about 100 MW at present.

New-fangled endeavors in Power Plant Projects:

1. Instigation of Rajasthan’s Super Critical Power Plant by L&T:

The celebrated company “Larsen and Toubro (L&T)” has obtained an absolute “Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)” deal. On April 2, 2013, L&T has declared that it had received a grand order of about 5,689 Crore from the “Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam” to establish a super critical thermal

power project (2 x 660 MW) on an absolute EPC foundation. This proposal has a rigorous finishing point agenda of forty two months and forty five months for Unit 1& 2. The manufacturing plant of L&T is in “Hazira”. This company has business enterprise with the well-known “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries” to generate supercritical turbines & supercritical boilers. In a press meet, Mr. S.N. Roy, the Senior executive vice-president and Associate of L&T declared that this super critical plant is a novel attempt. So, it is too early to articulate the anticipated cope point. At present, in conjunction with the Rajasthan indenture, the L&T Company has commands for installation and supply of about 26 supercritical steam turbine generators and steam generators of 700 MW, 800 MW and 660 MW. The total yearly capacity of the plant is about 5,000 MW. However, this could be stretched out to 6,000 MW. According to Mr. Roy’s statement, the company would be comfortable at around 60 to 65 % operational capacity at the power plant. He said that the new order could amplify the operational capacity up to 70 to 75%.

2. The 2nd Wind-Power Project to crop up in Rajasthan:

On Jan 2013, the NALCO instigated the 2nd Wind Power Plant in “Jaisalmer” district of Rajasthan with an operational capacity of about 47.6 MW. This 283 Crore budget Wind Power Project will be implemented at the ‘Ludarva’ locality in Jaisalmer by “Gamesa Wind Turbines Private Limited”. This project involves the grand creation of about 56 Wind turbines. Being the 2nd ecological proposal of NALCO, this wind power project is to promote sustainable growth by tying both renewable and eccentric energy sources together. This project would praise the “Navaratna PSU” with Government encouragements. The wind power project is planned to be accomplished within 8 months. In December 12th of 2012, broadening the horizons into the energy segment, NALCO specially made its primary Wind Power Plant at ‘Gandikota’ in ‘Kadapa’ region of Andhra Pradesh. It has an operational capacity of about 50.4 MW.

3. Innovative Solar Thermal Power Projects in Rajasthan:

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