Kathiawar Food fiesta in Pink city!!!

Kathiawar, also known as Kattywar is the neck of land that has got its name from the fame of the Kathi & Ahir society which was well-known in the province and subjugated central Saurashtra specifically for a few centuries. Furthermore, this is the way it influenced the Saurashtra into Kathiawar, while olden times of Saurashtra jointly is quiet elderly. Even though the Kathis are believed to have migrated to the region in early 16th centuries, they have played a vital role in the acknowledged record of the district.

Inhabitants (Kathis):

Civilization of ‘Mer’ Community (chiefly spotted in Saurashtra) in one of the Sword dance forms. Kathiawar (or) Saurashtra boasts a huge number of castes, communities and resolutions in the area, although the Kathis (after who the name of Kathiawar) became famous as an illustrious community. In general practice at present, an individual from Kathiawar is known as a “Kathiawadi”. Basically, Kathis migrated from Punjab to Kutchh and later to Saurashtra. They completed agreement with the “Wala Rajputs” of Saurashtra and began the marital relationships with the neighboring Rajputs, presumably with Walas. As a consequence, the Kathi society that is now is an amalgamation of Kathis from Punjab and the neighboring primeval Rajputs of Saurashtra. The community of Savji is also one of Kathi distinctiveness in Maharashtra & Gujarat. At the moment, the society/ populace is known as Katwa or Katwe in Maharashtra, India.

Kathiawar Food fiesta:

The culinary ecstasy of Kathiawar district in Gujrat is where customers can take pleasure in authentic Kathiawar food at “The Fern – An Ecotel Hotel in Jaipur”. Kathiawar is a division of the Saurashtra area in Gujarat. It is the artistic, spiritual and chronological epicenter of the Gujarat state. The food is an enjoyment of this varied province which is also named after the populace (the Kathiawadis) who dwell in this area. Kathiawar is part of the Saurashtra region in the state of Gujarat. It is the cultural, religious and historical epicenter of the state of Gujarat. The food is a delight of this diverse region which is also named after the people who inhabit this area; the Kathiawadis. Kathiawar cuisine is essentially Gujarati food that has Bohri & Parsee cuisine influences on it. Kathiawar cuisine is where you will find jeera in the seasoning of every dish, boiled peanuts in the dhal and a distinguishing sugariness in all the dishes, on account of an exceptional influence of Gujarati.

The famous hotel Fern, an Ecotel Hotel in Jaipur commemorated the captivating cuisine of Kathiawar from October 18 – Oct 27, 2013 at the Conversation 2 in “The World Cuisine Café”.

Varieties of food:

Sambhariyu shaak, Vatana nu oondhiya, khichdi, kadi, bajra nu rotla, ringan nu olo, dal dhokadi, lasaniya bataki, kachori and a lot more food items were presented to keep the audience tempted. This was the best part to keep the celebratory morale animate after Navratra, Dussehra and Dandiya!

All these appetizing vegetarian food and interesting delicacies from the kitchens of kathiawar on special offer was specially prepared by Maharaj Pratap Chand who came over for the Kathiawar food festival. A sumptuous and extravagant buffet along with live cooking stations was set to welcome the audience between 19:30 hrs and 22:30 hrs.

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