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Jaipur Metro

Moment of glory

The pink city of Jaipur has its cheeks pink in celebration and why mustn’t they be? A new feather is up its cap. More aptly put the Jaipur metro is a cap in itself. On its first trial run on 18th Sept 2013 the metro station became more of a tourist spot and had more than 10000 people to catch a glimpse at the Mansarovar depot.

A revolution by JMRC ( Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation )

The young and vibrant organization is all set to transform the picture of the Pink City of Jaipur! Such is the state of enthusiasm of JMRC and why mustn’t it be. It’s a proud moment as the state of the art mass transit system built by it(in collaboration with DMRC) is a clean, safe, comfortable, smooth, quick and efficient transportation medium and it is a positive contributor to both the economy and the environment. The metro rail system is nothing less than a revolution for Jaipur..

An Important news is that a skywalk would be constructed to ensure seamless connectivity between the metro and Jaipur`s railway station. This would give metro commuters direct access to the railway platforms.

Why metro is much needed in Jaipur

Facts about Jaipur metro

It is to be made in 2 phases:

Running services : 19 hours of the day (5 AM to Midnight)

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