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World’s First Elevated Road

World’s First Elevated Road under Metro in Pink City Jaipur Rajasthan

Jaipur will be the first city in the world to have an elevated track under Metro and for Rapid Transport system is now no more a dream it’s a truth Reported on may 6th 2015

The Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) has constructed the 2.95 km long Two-lane elevated road from Gopalpura Bari [Jaipur Side] to Sushilpura situated near the Queen's Circle on Ajmer road at [Ajmer Side]. Project have an opening on Sodala on Hawa sadak and exit on Ajmer road which is connecting Ajmer road to MI road.

How this Engineering Wonder Elevated Road under Metro looks like

Elevated Road is a major road that is raised up above the ground level. Public Transport System is an efficient user of space and energy with reduced level of air and noise pollution and iceing on cake is that now people can get 3 different options on this road i.e to move from Metro,move on elevated road or the normal old road route

Steps Followed to Achieve this Architecture

Towards Reliable Infrastructure:-

Availability and reliability are the key issues of durable infrastructure, which means high quality and low maintenance of the construction parts of the infrastructure which can result in low maintenance, impact of these activities must be minimal.

Upgrading infrastructure is possible without dismantling the existing construction.

Engineering Vision – Big Example For Engineering Architecture

Before designing New Bridge Solutions, JMRC has begun with very complete state of the art on bridge with the help of DMRC.

Innovative Planning and Measures Taken:-

Testing Quality Standard:-

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation in a quick development closed down elevated road, for load tests to be carried till May 21. The preparations of the load test have already started. But the traffic is to go its normal course beneath the elevated road. A few days of inconvenience might result in the gift of Metro Rail to Jaipur city. The trail run on tracks was approximately 4km track that is completed. Among the Rapid Transit System of India, it has been recorded fastest to conduct of trial run after starting construction.

Cost Structure:-

JDA has to pay approximately Rs 214 crore construction of elevated road. Estimated Project cost was Rs 200 crore, other than this six percent of the total cost was fixed as administrative charges and Rs 2 Crore as consultancy fees for DMRC.

About the Metro Project (whole)

The Metro Project Phase 1 was Projected to cost around 1250 Crors from which State Government is investing 600 Crors rest will be beared by State urban development and Housing Board jointly rail which will start from Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar via Civil Lines and Chandpole. However, Phase 2 is expected to cost Rs 7000 crore which will be sourced through Public-Private Partnership(PPP) Metro rail(North-South Corridor) will connect Sitapura Industrial Area in south to Ambabari in North via Ajmeri Gate and MI Road. The tracks will be elevated till Ajmeri Gate and then will go underground After receiving Safety Clearance from Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) in May 2015, Jaipur Metro is expected to hit the tracks in May or June 2015.

Jaipur Metro Rail System is expected to be India's Sixth Metro Rail System after Kolkata, Delhi NCR, Banglore, Gurgaon and Mumbai.Metro Project.

First Phase

First route of Jaipur Metro rail will connect Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar via Civil Lines and Chandpole is almost completed.Currently testing is in progress that’s the reason elevated road is blocked till 31st May.

Second Phase

The second phase route of Jaipur Metro rail will connect Sitapura Industrial Area in south to Ambabari in North via Ajmeri Gate and MI Road. As per Plan tracks will be elevated till Ajmeri Gate and then will go underground. Road improves access and travel time through underpass for vehicles and a pedestrian subway as well as a tunnel and ramps.

As on Today Development of Jaipur Metro

Jaipur Metro is Expeditious Transit system under construction in the city of Jaipur. After so many turnabouts and skepticism Jaipur Metro Train Project at last Phase one is Complete and will be opened to public soon.

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