Jaipur Fabrics

India, the country famous for its rich culture stands uniquely on the availability of the Indian fabric. The Indian apparel offers the best fabric of their kind, which specifically defines the dignity of the Indian culture. Every India state defines their own culture by different apparels which also differ in their fabrics. Rajasthan, one of the rich and royal state of India offers the same essence of royalty in their fabric as well. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan commits the unique and most popular fabric which is used in making different clothing and apparels to present in home decoration as well as attires. The reason why the Jaipur fabric is titled unique is because of the process they demonstrate in order to result into the Jaipur fabric. The distinctive and innovative style of making the fabric and styles is totally the taste of Jaipur which even when tried, cannot be copied and developed in any other parts of the country.

People may not be aware of the fact that Jaipur reveals one of the biggest export market of fabric and jewelry. Fabric specifically is furnished with may process involving the hard work on the people responsible for developing Jaipur fabric.

Some of the most common and uniquely identifies Jaipur fabrics are:

Bandej Jaipur Fabrics

Bandej is one such segment in jaipur fabrics which are demanded and popular worldwide. The process involves tying and dyeing of the faric and converting it into typical jaipuri bandej fabric. They are available in many colors and designs. The bandej fabric in Jaipur is used in the form of sarees, suits and lehangas. The bandej fabric in Jaipur is available in many designer wear stores selling suits, sarees and lehangas.

The bandej fabrics involves the long process resulting into the most wanted and demanded fabrc in jaipur. the guests in Jaipur are specially advised to shop bandej fabrics from Jaipur in order to define the unique appearance in clothing from Jaipur city.

Bagru Jaipur Fabrics

Bagru is mainly categorized as one of the printing style on fabrics. Bagru is the name of the village where bagru print fabrics are made. The process of bagru prints involves the printing of specific shapes with are made on wooden or metallic hand size printer, and the villagers print the dye on the fabric.

Bagru print is famous on bedsheets, and sometimes of ethnic wears for men offering the different shapes and styles of printing on the fabric. not to mention the unique colors and prints on the fabric, makes it a different, unique and famous fabric of Jaipur.

Sanganeri Jaipur Fabrics

The this type of fabric involves sanganeri print which enrol the different printing style on the fabric. the sanganeri print is usually done on bed sheets and covers which involved the orch of different colors of threads as well. Why these prints are known as sanganeri prints is because that these prints are generally made in the sheets factories in Sanganer area of Jaipur.

The mentioned Jaipur fabrics are very famous in the entire nation, and thus Jaipur serves as the biggest market of exporting the fabrics domestically and international as well. Jaipur fabrics involves the heart and affection of the fabric makers who dedicate their whole

creativity and talent into making the city one step ahead to demonstrate the rich and vast variety of fabrics in the city.

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