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According to change in time – business, education, medication, tourism, technology and lifestyle is expanding the horizons. Visiting some or the other country due to some reason is a normal thought these days. It is clearly evident from the figures for last couple of years that the number of Indians migrating abroad continues to rise. Whether you are a common mango man or the rich and famous. You should owe a passport. May be some bright sunny day you have a chance to fly your wings and land on a country apart from your own motherland. The absence of passport can this golden chance away from you. Thinking of getting a passport made? When the crucial process of getting a passport has been simplified by e-governance.


Passport office Jaipur commenced work from June 1978. This office is situated at J-14, Jhalana institutional area, behind RTO, Jaipur – 302015. Office is operational from Monday to Friday for submission of forms, enquiry about sale of forms, on-line registration, enquiry from passport officer or public relation officer can be obtained between 10:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Keep that in mind before meeting to passport officer or public relation officer you should carry your important documents like residence certificate, birth certificate and 10th – 12th certificate. You can even meet the respective officer between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm and solve your passport related issues. If you already own a passport and you need another one you have to surrender your old passport to the passport office.

For further information you can contact on the following address and phone numbers

Phone – 0141-2702515, 2711513, 2710884
Fax – 0141-2710219 E-mail –
For enquiry – 0141-2711151, 2711160, 2711201

Where to apply? You can apply online by just going on the official website or you can apply in Jaipur office itself.

For examination of application and accepting the applicable fees for various services the counter information is as mentioned below –

Counter no. 1 enquiry / status of application
Counter no. 2 Delivery of passports ( between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm )
Counter no. 3 Miscellaneous applications / sale of forms
Counter no. 4 New application
Counter no. 5 Damaged / lost / re-issue application
Counter no. 6 Immediate passport / senior citizen passport / disabled
Counter no. 7 Online registered applications

For feedback and complaints :

Passport Officer
Passport Office, J-14,
Jhalana Institutional Area,
Behind RTO, Jaipur 302015, Phone: 0141-2712055
Fax: 0141-2710219 E-mail:

If you wish to know the status of your application you can contact on the following numbers 0141-2711151, 2711160, 2711201 or you can even get in touch with your area passport officer at J-14, Jhalana institutional area, behind RTO office, Jaipur – 302015. You can also contact on the given numbers 0141-2702515, 2710884, 2712055 or mail at

Delivery of passport is done by speed post and in matter of delivery from counter, consent of passport officer is a must and also in that case only applicant can collect it in personal from the respective counter. Keep in mind no passport will be issued or delivered on any authorized letter. P.S the person getting the passport issued should appear to collect it.

Application form no. 1 and 2 :

Application form no. 1 is used for new passport, re-issue of passport, lost passport, new passport in lieu of a damaged passport, change of name / appearance or in case of getting

short of pages. For minor’s passport this application form is valid. New passport implies applying first time for the passport.

Application form no.2 is used for police clearance certificate, removal of ECR stamp, addition of husband’s / wife’s name and for change in address. For the renovation of a passport valid only for short time is also done by this application. Personal form details are used to get access to police verification report. This is a part of application form no. 1. If the passport office needs it again for verification it can be filled separately. If an applicant has been living in various places from last one year he / she has to fill a separate set of personal details form for every particular address.

Ministry of external affairs has given a particular set of instructions for filling each and every column of the application form which should be followed strictly. In beginning of the application form there are different boxes for photograph, signature, thumb impression and for the details of payment of the fee. Three recent colored photographs are required. One photo is for the form and the rest two are for personal details form which is to be filled in two copies. The background of the photo should be light or white and the applicant’s front face should be clearly visible.

Signature and thumb impression should not touch the border line of the box. Thumb impression of male should be of left hand and for female should be of right hand.

Various columns of application form:

Column 1 – Here full name of applicant should be mentioned. A name of 75 characters can be mentioned.

Column 2 – In this column you need to give your previous name if had any. This goes for all those who have gone through even a small change in their name. This goes for all women folk who have changed their name or surname after marriage.

Column 3 – Here specify your sex: male or female.

Column 4 – Mention your birth date DD/MM/YY in given format as according to birth certificate issued by municipal/government.

Column 5 – Here write your birth place and country.

Column 6, 7 and 8 – Father’s, mother’s and husband’s / wife’s name should be mentioned in this respective column.

Column 9 and 10 – In this column you will need to give information about your address and the date from which you are living there, phone number and area code.

Column 11(a) – In this part of application you need to specify that if ever had Emergency Certificate (EC) in account to travel or have been deported so write EC number, date and place of issue, arrest memo and the name of the country or place from where deported.

Column 12 – Educational qualification, height in cm and visible identification mark such information against the respective box.

Column 13 – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ entries should be made in the corresponding box. If you are working or a member of central / state government, public sector undertakings, statutory bodies then according to the ‘Contract B’ identity card of respective office should be enclosed.

Column 14 – Information regarding birth, citizenship, immigration / registration or by naturalization whatever be the situation it should be mentioned in boxes as H / aa / R accordingly.

Column 15 – Kindly pen down ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whatever is applicable. It should be noted down that before leaving the country ‘Mahauttprawasi’ protecting Indian citizens categorized under ECR (Protector General of Emigrants) must obtain approval for it.

People not getting ECR stamps : All diplomatic / official government passport holders, all gazetted public servants, all income earners (including agricultural income earners), all degree holders like MBBS or ayurveda or homeopathy, accredited journalists, engineer, charted accountant, lecturer, advocate, teacher, scientist etc, in the class of listed members by the husband / wife and dependent children, people have educational qualification of matriculation and above it, mariners who have CDC or Sea Cadet and Deck Cadet, permanent immigration visa holders such as United kingdom, The United States and Australia’s visa, nurses approved by Nurse Council of India Act, 1947, people above the age of 50, all persons and their wives who have been residing abroad from more than 3 years, children under the age of 18 (at the age of 18 passport will be re-issued and at that time ECR stamp would put if applicable).

Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries of Europe (excluding CIS countries), North America, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore does not need to go through any emigration clearance. It is to be noted that from 1st October 2007 government of India abolished ‘Immigration Czech Required Suspension’.

Column 16 – This column is provided for minors under the age of 18 years applying for the 1st time, details of a valid passport owned by mother, father or by the guardian.

Column 17 – All information given by the applicant should be correct best to his / her knowledge. No facts should be hidden if it happens in that case Amended passport Act, 1967

under the provisions Rs 5000/- can penalize for each offence. Other penal provisions can also be charged.

Column 18 – In the event of death or in accident the person to be contacted his / her name, phone number, E-mail and address should be given in this particular column.

Column 19 – In this column applicant declares that India’s sovereignty, unity, integrity and integrity of citizenship of another country voluntarily etc. do not receive travel documents.

Column 20 – List of all the photo-copied documents attached with the application form. Each document should be verified by the applicant manually.

While applying for the new passport attach two copies of the following documents :

1. Ration card

2. Water / telephone / electricity bill, current bank account details, Income Tax assessment order, Voter ID, copy of husband / wife’s passport, in case of minor copy of guardians passport

3. Birth certificate issued by municipality or by the office of Registrar, birth certificate by final school or any recognized educational institute where applicant got educated, for illiterate or semi-illiterate a magistrate / notary affidavit issuing birth date and birth place.

4. Citizenship document

5. Government / public sector / statutory bodies contract staff should attach their ‘Identity Certificate’ if the applicant is applicable for ECNR.

Applicant has to present any 3 documents from the following 14 documents provided one of them is photo identity card

1. Voter’s Photo Identity Card

2. State / Central Government, Public Sector, Local Bodies or Public Ltd. Companies identity card issued by the authority.

3. SC / ST / OBC certificate.

4. Freedom Fighter Identity Cards.

5. Arms license.

6. Documents of property such as lease and registered deeds.

7. Ration Card

8. Pension documents such ex-servicemen pension book / pension payment order ex-servicemen’s widow / dependent certificates, old age pension order, widow pension order.

9. Railway Identity Card

10. Income Tax Identity Card or PAN Card.

11. Bank / Peasant / Post office Pass Book.

12. Student’s Identity Card issued by approved Educational Institutions.

13. Driving license.

14. Gas connection bill.

15. Date of birth and death certificate issued under the Act.

The Passport Act, 1967

 Section 13

Any person –

1. Travelling without a valid passport.

2. Intentionally gives wrong information.

3. Tries to make changes in the documents.

4. Fails to present his / her passport for examination.

5. Uses passport or travel documents issued to someone else.

6. Allows anyone else to use his / her passport or travel documents.

Would be charged a fine of Rs 5000/- or imprisonment for 2 years else punished with both.

Any person who is not a citizen of India applies for passport and suppresses information about his / her nationality and succeeds to get a passport or has a fake or a fraud passport or travel documents he / she can be imprisonment for a time period of 5 years and charged Rs 50,000/-

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