Incarnation River Saraswathi

In India, the wonder of the powerful Saraswati River existed from the time when it was immemorial. Essentially, Saraswati River was a border line of both India and Pakistan. Holding the pride of being one of the principal Rig-vedic Rivers (as indicated by the ancient Hindu religion’s transcripts and writings), River Saraswati is also eminently called as River “Ghaggar-Hakra”. In the primeval era, according to the Rig vedic “Nadistuti” mantra, the Saraswati River has been believed to have flown between the west of river Sutlej and east of river Yamuna. However, in a few other Vedic scripts, it has been stated that river Saraswati River has been withered as a barren region later on. Albeit Saraswati River is vanished at the moment, this superlative river is the depiction to the golden era of Indian civilization. River Saraswati is worth to be mentioned as the strand which cuddles all the beads of our Indian civilization and society together. River Saraswati donates an incessant manuscript of our prehistoric evolution to the contemporary world. Hence, it is vital for all of us to be aware of the facts on the subject of the “Indus-Saraswati” civilization which exceeded all other modern civilization in the globe before numerous millenniums.

The Sanctity of River Saraswathi connected to Goddess Saraswathi:

In Sanskrit language, the word ‘saras’ refers to ‘pond’ or pool’ and the word ‘sarasi’ refers to ‘inactive pool’. In India, the sacred name “Saraswati” can be better identified for its sanctified name of the Deity ‘Saraswati’ who is considered as the divinity of learning in Hindu religion. For the most part, Goddesss Saraswati is worshiped by young children and students to be blessed with knowledge and wisdom. In the Vedic periods, Saraswathi River was considered as one of the sacred rivers. River Saraswathi is also considered holy and sacred owing to its name of the Hindu Goddess Saraswathi!! Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, a distinctive investigator with a supreme zeal for River Saraswati has explored about this wiped out basin and found some of the watercourses of this misplaced river. He brought some attention-grabbing facts and chunks of knowledge into public interest. Based on his research, it is found that a number of highly-cultured group of people known as “Saraswats” have survived on the banks of the Saraswati River. Later, after it got misplaced, Saraswats were spread throughout India and have survived in Kashmir, Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Kerala. Even at this present age and time, Saraswats continue to pursue their primeval culture and still worship the vanished river Saraswathi as their cultural divinity of knowledge, wisdom and edification.

The Marvel of River Saraswathi cited in Epic Mahabharata:

Roughly 5000 years ago, River Saraswathi passed through a distance of about 1600 kilometer through several states of India such as, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab and at last reached ‘Sindhu Sagara’. This fact was emphasized in the epic Mahabharata and in several other prehistoric transcripts also. Saraswathi River was cited in Mahabharata as it flowed through the northern part of “Kurukshetra war zone”. On the other hand, the ancient epic writers also mentioned that its aridness and the consequential desertification of the terra firma, document for the posterity that River Saraswathi was “Vanishing into the wilderness” and later on went “mislaid.”

Facts from the Archaeological Excavations and Scientific inventions:

A string of scientific innovations and several archaeological excavations have confirmed certainly that the progression of Indian culture was aboriginal and River Sarasvati was previously a river that was flowing over-ground in actuality. The researches further declared that River Saraswathi flowed from the great Himalayas to Indian Ocean. With the help of latest satellite shooting, researchers have found that the path of a mammoth river once ran through the North-western province of India. The satellite pictures illustrate that the river was around 8 km broad in places and unfortunately had withered before 4,000 years. Satellite images confirm that the subversive alleyway of River Saraswati starts from Uttarakhand and flows through Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, and Rajasthan and eventually joined the Arabian Sea.

Rajasthan, a Fertile region in the past!!!

In point of fact, it is believed that the desert-areas of the ‘modern-day’ Gujarat & Rajasthan were previously abundant and rich lands through which the might River Saraswati flowed. Indian Government has instigated a colossal project to track the flow of River Saraswathi in an attempt to investigate the legitimacy about this miraculous river that has been sanctified as the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. A large amount work has been performed with archeological excavations and re-digging the wiped-out water canals. Satellite tracking of underground water and images of the enduring pools & streams of Saraswathi River has also been investigated. A recent research on dissimilar layers of soils in Rajasthan & Kutch had shown that both of them are of the same quality and both dates back to same epoch.

Indefinite reasons for the Disappearance of River Saraswathi:

Even though, the subsistence of River Saraswathi is not under debate, the discovery of this dehydrated river bed is undecided. There is barely any convincing substantiation for the dryness of the river. Nobody is aware of certain reasons for its disappearance. The locking up of the streams by Indus River and Yamuna River system are assumed to have caused the lack of fluids in Saraswathi River. In addition, the demolition of trees, overgrazing and deforestation are also considered as some other reasons for the dryness of the river.

Will Renaissance of Sarasvati River abolish the water scarcity in North-west India?

The resurrection of Sarasvati River has the supremacy to transform the complete appearance of North-western part of India supernaturally. So, all the scientific projects associated with the re-detection of the Vedic River Sarasvati have been changed into exclusive projects to revitalize this magical river to satisfy the need of water supply of about 20 crore people in the Northwest region of India and also to transform the “Thar desert” into a productive region yet again. These amazing projects have also paved way to the stipulate for a “National Water Grid” to

convert all rivers of India into long-lasting rivers and supply of water for future generations.

Around 5 crores have been invested in this Sarasvati project to perforate test tube-wells along the recognized trail. The scientists of ISRO have spotted the test areas on account of an ancient path that got displayed in the satellite pictures. Mr. S. Kalyanaraman, the Director of “Sarasvati Nadi Shodh Prakalp” declared that there are more than 2,000 archaeological sites down the banks of the Sarasvati River when matched up to just 600 sites on the Sindhu banks. The archaeological sites that were acknowledged by ISRO were drilled in 25 areas with unique Japanese drilling tools. Mr. K.R. Srinivasan, the “Director of Central Groundwater Board”, elucidated that it is possible to generate 1 million long-lasting tube-wells only in central Rajasthan of the “Sarasvati River basin” (a plan that is carried out by the state Government). Prolongation of these tube wells requires a boost through the surface waters of Rajasthan’s inland waterway which can be widened into Gujarat as well. Consecutively, Gujarat will also contribute some of the Narmada River waters with the state of Rajasthan. Based on the present situation, it takes about 2 years for the Sarasvati waters to arrive at Gujarat. The land of Punjab has been compelled to discharge waters into the “Sarasvati mahaanadi roopaa nahar” with the intention of saving the dams located on wrong-lines interweaving the total ‘Sutlej& Beas River basin’. As a result, waters have started flowing in the 12 feet profound, 40 feet broad, Sarasvati nahar that has vanished the sand dunes as the banks of the revived Sarasvati are fertile by woods!!! An unbelievable ten lakhs acres of terra firma has been brought under farming already.


Simply put, River Sarasvati can transform the ‘water-famished’ North-western part into a productive land and also can convert the wilderness into fertile meadows, since the Rajasthan canal fetches waters of the Beas and Sutlej from the “Harike basin” and brings them till ‘Danan’ in Barmer region. Hence, an element that has originated as a chronological mission for an allegedly legendary river has now emerged into an actuality with a mighty power to prosper the lives of many people through its path, yet again, similar to the ancient times!

Every Indian must be proud about his/her ancient tradition and the grand endeavor of re-inventing a River that’s worth to be mentioned as the ‘Holy Mother of Indian Civilization’. In addition, there is no wonder that Saraswathi River is also called as the “Mother of Wealth”!!!

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