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You must have seen Jaipur's Rajmandir cinema hall. And you must have seen a round table here full of the world's famous people messages with their signatures. People from politics, cinema and sports have written messages down about their professions, Jaipur and this cinema hall here. All the messages say that Jaipur is a beautiful city and it has the capacity to attract anybody from around the world to it. From time to time, celebrities from all walks of life come to Jaipur and leave their thoughts on this round table.

Some celebrities are from Jaipur itself. This city has given birth to and raised several famous people from the fields of music, dance, film, art and literature. Its in the streets of Jaipur that Irfan Khan has played and done theatre on stage so that he has reached the acme of his career in international circles today. Mesmerising people by its performances such as those of Birju Maharaj, this city opens its arms out to all sorts of artists and other celebrities visiting the city. If we look at the tradition of greeting people to this city, we will see why it has been called the Pink City. To capture the beauty of Jaipur, many a film set have been constructed here. The American TV host Oprah Winfrey was astounded when she visited Jaipur by its culture and history. Having spent his childhood and young days in Jaipur's Malviya Nagar, Rajeev Khandelwal, the film star despite living in Mumbai keeps Jaipur alive in his heart. Having come to Jaipur many celebrities have spoken their thoughts on the city, lets see what they have to say about it-

Shibani Kashyap: Singer

On 28th March, the famous Bollywood singer Shibani Kashyap came to Jaipur to participate in a music programme. On this event she said, ‘Jaipur is a very beautiful city. I love the heritage look of the city. And the food is excellent here. I feel like coming here again and again'.

Ajay Devgan: Actor

Ajay Devgan along with his wife Kajol came to Jaipur to pray for the success of his film Himmatwala on 28th March. Here he did his prayers under the guidance of a pandit and prayed for the success of his film. Ajay Devgan thinks of Jaipur as an auspicious city and he believes that praying here gives him success.

Vipin Sharma: Actor

After his roles in Taare Zameen Par as the father of the child and as a police inspector in Paan Singh Tomar, Vipin Sharma became famous for his acting and he soon came to Jaipur on the 28th of March. This is what he said about Jaipur. ‘Jaipur's theatre is very good. But the youth should not blindly go to Mumbai. Before going to Mumbai one has to have the experience of acting. And I would like to tell you that there are many institutes in Mumbai that earn money in the name of teaching acting'.

Rahul Dravid: Cricketer

‘Every city has shopping malls, but this city has heritage and culture that attracts me. The crowd in Jaipur fascinates me. The SMS stadium ground and its facilities are very good. I have tasted the local cuisine in plenty, which is excellent. I don't like going to shopping malls, I like going to Amer Fort.

Bobby Deol: Actor

‘I came to Jaipur when I was a child. Many of my father's films and my films have been shot here. Whenever Jaipur is mentioned I remember the food, especially ghewar.

Geeta Kapur: Choreographer

Bollywood Choreographer and Reality Show judge Geeta Kapur was in the city on Tuesday. She came here to participate in an award ceremony. She also watched the match between Royals and Delhi at SMS stadium. Famous as Geeta Ma amongst children she also commented on dance and reality shows. In her words, ‘One can't see the role of a judge as a career. One has to do a lot of work to become one. Then that experience makes you a judge. As a judge you select someone, reject another, that doesn't mean it is the end of the world. Whatever you have to get you are bound to achieve. If one door closes another opens up. One should live life to the fullest. If a judge says something one should not take it to heart and do something to oneself. It is our responsibility to appreciate talent and guide it correctly. Today all kinds of dance forms are being appreciated. When in a reality show someone does something wrong or distasteful we stop them'.

R. Madhavan: Actor

R. Madhavan participated in Jaipur's Rajasthan Fashion Week. This is what he had to say. ‘Like Aamir, I want to do less and quality films. Bollywood unlike the other film industries in the country is technically very sound. I keep walking the ramp from time to time. I like doing fashion shows for charity'.

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