Hilarious Horse Safari around Royal Rajasthan

At heart, Horse Safari was created by a few Horse Lovers for satisfying the Horse aficionados with the intention to offer highly tailored and specific riding safaris for Horse riding aficionados. Generally, Horse riders will be guided by an experienced guide with fully trained horse and well explored paths to bestow a broad range of riding conditions and to make a stopover at the sights including splendid temples and forts. In addition, Horse riding is also a good instance of eco-tourism. During Horse safaris, riders can move across a range of striking rural areas, townships and some of the virgin and unapproachable places. Riding on horse-back is a brilliant and inimitable holiday experience for tourists. Enjoy a majestic fun and escapade with horse safari.

Various Horse safari experiences around Rajasthan:

Pushkar Fair Horse Safari: The Pushkar fair held in Rajasthan is one of the most admired fairs in India. Apart from Indian visitors, many foreigners also join this fair. Being one of the world's principal camel fairs, the highlights of the fair include competitions like the “bridal contests” and longest moustache competitions” and so on. These games are a focus for countless voyagers. In the Pushkar Fair Horse Safari, riders commence from rock-strewn mountainous spot and arrive at the Sandy area. When riders enter into the Pushkar Fair on the horseback, it offers them a treasured experience. Horse riders can view the massive throng easily and can happily have a glimpse of a panoramic view of the Fair.

Nagaur Fair Horse Safari: Nagaur is a gorgeous and picturesque metropolis. The Nagaur Cattle Fair is the 2nd largest cattle fair in Rajasthan. In the Naguar Fair more or less 70,000 high quality camels, horses and Bullocks are traded. This Fair pulls a large number of tourists from all over the globe. Not counting the cattles several other things that are displayed on the shows for trades include iron crafts, beautiful wooden things, and accessories made out of camel leather. Also, the most favored Red Chili Market is also arranged for the visitors. Nagaur Fair is packed with activities like Camel Races, Tug of War, Cock Fighting & Bullock Races.

The Naguar Horse Safari will please the horse riders’ dream of riding on the back of the famous Marwari horses in India with lots of fun.

Aravali hills Horse safari: The Aravalli mountain range is the prehistoric fold mountains in entire India. A major part of Aravali hill ranges can only be seen on the back of a Marwari horse. A unique experience of riding horses through the stony hills and forest areas enthralls the horse riders. Also, a glimpse of wild animals such as, Blue Bull, Antelopes, Birds and Deer roaming around the mountainous area can be seen while riders are on the horse back. Horse safari takes the riders through the jungle tribal houses and halts there for few minutes for taking pictures with them.

Balotra Fair Horse Safari: Balotra Fair Horse Safari is one of the vital and eye-catching fairs of Rajasthan. Famous as “Tilwara & Mali-Nath” Cattle Fair, this fair is conducted on the waterless river bed of Khari River, where the key aspect is the salty water of the river. However, the marvel is that for the whole period of the fair the salty water of this river turn into sweet water which is assumed as a divine blessing. Every year, Balotra Fair starts from the 6thday of Holi celebration and extends for about 15 days. Horse safari during the fair is a wonderful experience. The Balotra Fair horse safari restructures the allure of horseback travel of ancient time. The senses of the riders swing back to the romance of the wilderness as they pass through the citadels, forts and historical spots. Horse riders can ride through the plains, sandy hills and deserts and spend the nights in cozy camps while enjoying the traditional folk dances in the evening.

Castle Horse Safari: If you are a genuine horse lover and wish to feel and enjoy the imperial life, then castle horse safari is the ideal one for you. The state of Rajasthan is an animated terra firma that is renowned for mythologies of gallantry and valor of Rajput crowned heads who built splendid citadels, luxurious Palaces and momentous castles. So as to make the horse riders feel that celebrated epoch in present age, the Castle Horse Safari Tour has been premeditated. In this horse safari, you can ride your horse in historic castles during day times and spend the night in one of the splendid castles to get a stately King style life. Various shows are organized to entertain the horse riders during their stay.

Rural Rajasthan Horse Safari: In the rural Horse safari, riders can benefit from the daytime gorgeousness of countryside Rajasthan. If you have not observed the beauty of the Rural Rajasthan then your expedition to India is unfinished. Hence, to explore the authentic villages of Rajasthan which can be reached only by horses, the horse safari program is planned. In this rural horse Safari, horse riders can closely observe the genuine rural areas, where time-honored Rajasthani rural life persists to be unaffected by the exterior world.

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