The Harley-Davidson India launches a display area in Pink City!

Established in the year 1903, the Harley-Davidson Incorporation is the parent company for the assembly of companies that functions as the “Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC)” & “Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS)” in the United States of America. At the moment, the Company boasts almost 9 endorsed dealerships in India. The current showrooms of Harley-Davidson are along the lines of the international standards and mutually they create a significant nucleus to display the renowned culture and existence of the product and connect with the clients and Harley fans all over the nation. Harley-Davidson, India started its operations in the year 2009 and prearranged its foremost dealership in the year 2010. Starting from the beginning of 2011, Harley-Davidson has been accumulating the motorcycles in India at the Completely-Knocked-Down (CKD) assemblage unit at the Bawal in the state of Haryana. India is the 2nd nation where Harley-Davidson boast CKD assembly operations outside America, subsequent to Brazil.

Harley-Davidson in India sells a variety of Harley-Davidson authentic parts & accessories in company with general products together with the motor clothes, clothing and figurines. The company also bestows “top-in-class” after-sales service. Also, every dealer is linked with a lively Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) chapter that organizes standard events and rides. At present, the Harley-Davidson endows a variety of 12 models from each of the five families” the Sportster, Softail, Dyna, Touring and V-Rod. Each of the 5 Harley-Davidson motorcycle household has a dissimilar character and supplies the wide-ranging responsiveness of a wide choice of clients.

New Showroom in Pink city of Jaipur:

Now, it is the right time to express the joy of Speed extremists in pink city as the Harley Davidson is launching a new showroom in Jaipur!! Having nearly 12 dealerships in India, the state of Rajasthan is the topical one to observe the commencement of the automobile showroom on 15th December, 2013. It is not a surprise that Harley Davidson is fascinating speeders with its incredible appearances of its motorcycles, that makes people watch and buy it.

Motivation for launch:

For over 3 years, Harley-Davidson has made its first appearance in the household souk. Placed in the Pink City of Jaipur underneath the umbrella of Dunes Harley-Davidson, the new showroom is launched with the notion of reinforcing the man-machine association in the Northern part of India. The dealership in the state of Rajasthan was a slow development as Harley-Davidson is a favorite brand in Rajasthan with a huge number of clients already existing in this city. The spokespersons of Harley-Davidson are pleased to unlock their doorways to the broad motorcyclist pedestal in Jaipur and greet innovative customers to their budding folks of Harley-Davidson proprietors.


The Dunes Harley-Davidson has now launched a new showroom at the Felicity Tower, Sahakar Marg in Pink city. The innovative, high-tech, 7,000 sq ft showroom was installed in the attendance of Mr. Rajiv Vohra, the dealer and sales development director of the Harley-Davidson India, along with Mr. Sukhinder Singh & Mr. Utkarsh Baxi, the proud owners of Dunes Harley-Davidson. With the intention of making the commencement more unforgettable, nearly hundred proprietors of Harley-Davidson from all over the Northern part of the nation graced their presence on the occasion. The most recent dealership offers the total Harley-Davidson India array of eleven motorcycles begins from 6,04,133 INR.

Offerings for the owners:

The proprietors of Harley-Davidson can benefit from accessories like fog-lamps, crash guards, seat and much more from the showroom for their bikes. The new Dunes pink city showroom also bestows preservation merchandise like oils, polishes and filters for the new Harley-Davidson owners. Also, in an emblematic Harley way, a broad range of safety and apparel gears are also offered. The commencement of Harley-Davidson dealership in the state of Rajasthan has fetched a wave of enjoyment in the midst of its passionate supporters. All the exotic models of 2 wheeler Bike Company were displayed in the showroom with their costs ranging from 6.5 lakh INR 32 lakh INR.

Enormous Excitement:

The enthusiasm of bike owners from corner to corner of the nation was praiseworthy on the day of launch. The fans were so pleased that every single one of the hundred Harley-Davidson owners all over the Northern India conducted a procession on the streets of Jaipur. This was a great instant of delight for every speed-cruiser extremist, and Harley-Davidson is positive to build up its market enhancement in the nation with the arrival of innovative dealerships.

Harley – Davidson stepped into India with an elementary tactical frame of mind to offer the Indian customers a pragmatic product that would travel across the border line of the “product link” and offer the shopper an individual and tailored experience. The year of 2012 ends by leaving a strong note of a predictable number of 1200 motorcycles being driven on the Indian streets. This is other than thousand motorcycles which existed on the streets of India till the last part of the year 2011 that totals it to more or less 2200 motorcycles of Harley-Davidson brand in India.

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