Rajasthan emerges as a global leader in hospitality industry

Finally, the boutique properties and hotel industry in India have made their incidence to be felt in the international hospitality business by receiving more than a few travelers’ choice rewards. In the year 2014, the Travelers Choice was declared on Thursday by the famous travel portal the “TripAdvisor”. It chose the Indian properties that ranges from chief hotel strings to small sized boutiques and 8 of the unsurpassed ten hotels in different groupings were only from India.

Winners in different categories of hotel:

In the category of Top, sumptuous and Family hotel divisions were there also. India has placed a well built attendance with about 8 wins in top hotel divisions and 6 each in Family and Luxury hotel types. Overall, it flounced the “Inns” & “B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast)” grouping with an awesome twelve wins. Taken as a whole, India received the 2nd place with 39 awards in entire Asia subsequent to Indonesia which won with about 41 awards. Inside the nation, Rajasthan has materialized as the principal state in the hospitality industry, with hotels from the state scoring an amazing 50 awards from corner to corner of the globe where Asia & India made the record. The well known “Oberoi Group of Hotels” directed the show with 2 hotels of each being the Top and Luxury hotels inventory in the globe.

Other winners:

The additional top winners include the Kerala state with 36 awards, Karnataka with 30 & Goa with about 17 awards. In the midst of the metropolitans, Delhi won 7 awards and the city was closely followed by Bangalore city with around 6 awards. The appearance of humble lodging such as Kaiya House & Jaipur sociable Villas got into the catalog of best Bargain hotels, B&B and Inns grouping in that order.

The state of Rajasthan has always been a voyager’s enchantment when it comes to console, luxuries and style. As you would have thought, once more, Rajasthan has surpassed other states of the nation on the global hospitality raised area at the 12th edition of “Travellers’ Choice Awards 2014” for hotels proclaimed by the famous TripAdvisor this year. As declared by the reviews, Rajasthan is the executive boss in hospitality industry with hotels from the state scpring an remarkable 50 awards all over the globe, Asia & India categories which is again followed by the state of Kerala with 36 awards , Karnataka with 30 awards and Goa with 17 remarkable awards.


The Indian hotels have seized 222 awards all over the globe, and in Rajasthan “The famous Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur has ranked 5the place in the opulence category of the “World’s Top hotel” grouping.

On the other hand, across various categories, Taj Lake Palace has received the number one in the romance grouping whereas the Ranthambhore, Oberoi Vanyavilas got placed in the small category and Jaipur Friendly Villa has got the position in the Inns and B&B segment.

Rajasthan makes an ultimate score on the worldwide hospitality prospect with magnificent wins in the World list. Rajasthan is proud that for the first time in the record of the awards, the state has recorded such a vibrant incidence on the World & Asia lists. This simply continues to establish the first-rate standards that the Indian (Rajasthani) hospitality business, right from gigantic hotel chains to small-sized boutique properties utilize.

Indian Hotels stand out on the World Map in the twelfth edition of the Travellers' Choice Awards 2014 for hotels declated by TripAdvisor anchored in reviews that was gathered per annum. In keeping with the reviews, Rajasthan is the executive organizer in hospitality with hotels from the state scoring an inspiring 50 awards all over the World, Asia & India inventory.

Rajasthan Tourism Buzz passes on good wishes to all the captivating hotels and wishes them all the best for their upcoming efforts.

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