Dance Forms Of Rajasthan

Various Dance Forms Of Rajasthan

Art forms in all the over the globe describe the unique and distinctive culture of every part. Talking about specifically dance, this form is loved and appreciated by every type of audience in the world. With varying culture in every part of the world, the dance forms in the world also varies with the traditions and rituals of every country. Taking about the most rich country in form of art, India, the country is well known and developed with loads of art forms in every state. Every Indian state represents their special and unique form of dance which specifically demonstrate the important of their culture and traditions. The Indian state Rajasthan, is one such exemplar of perfection and brilliance portraying the form of their culture in the form of art, i.e. dance.

There are different dance forms which is famous and performed in various cities of Rajasthan. Some of them are:


Why so unique?

Chari The brass pot under this dance form plays an important role when dancers place ignited cottonseed on the same. the rass pots are placed on the head on the dancers with burning fire in it, and the dancers perform the graceful and impressive foot movements while rhythmist on the beats of the Rajasthani music.
Ghoomar Ghoomar is the most common and famous Rajasthani dance form which is performed by Rajasthani women. This dance form is marked important by the Rajpur women who performs this dance form dedicating it to their spouse. This dance form is mainly performed during the grand festivals like teej and gangaur.
KacchiGhodi This dance form is performed by both men and women, in which the dancers perform elaborating their contuses and dance by riding on the dummy horde tied on their waist. Not only this, this dance form is a perfect form to experience the royal culture of rajput people in Rajasthan.
Kalbeliya This dance form is performed by the kalbeliyan community of Rajasthan. The dancers performs the dance wearing black apparel along with shining accessories and performs various stunts of bending and wheeling with the local Rajasthani music.
Bhavai The brass pitchers (either seven of nine) are the most important part of this dance form which is carried by the Rajasthani women dancers on their head. Their dance is poured with its of hardword and grace which is a typical exemplar of what Rajasthan is proof of.

All these dance forms mentioned above are the significant parts of Rajasthani culture which help in making the tourists and other guests realize that how rich and extravagant the tradition of Rajasthan is. Not just thing, the hardword and practice involved by the dancers of Rajasthan is worth commendable as they are the only people in the dance form which dedicate their every minute to std on the rich of the dances. Every dance form of Rajasthan in where titled easy, rather all the dance forms are difficult and almost impossible to practice for an ordinary person. But the true Rajasthani dancers are the masters of their culture and specific dance form. The fact states that all the Rajasthani dancers a treat their dance form as their religion and follow it their whole life. all the dancers of Rajasthan learn and practice their forms from their ancestors who have mastered the form and dedicated their whole life just to follow and experience the deep and true culture of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani dance culture is vast and and includes many forms which are never seen and practised anywhere in the globe. The attitude of the Rajasthani dancers symbolize their love and commitment with their culture and rituals. From dance style to the dance apparels, every single segment of Rajasthani dance pours the pure and rich heart of a typically Rajasthani person. The people of Rajasthan are very specific about their customs and rituals, which can be seen by their different forms of dances as well. Just as the dance forms of Rajasthan are difficult to perform, the same is the rituals of Rajasthan to follow. Only a real and pure Rajasthani person can fully endore and accept the rituals and culture of Rajasthan. Its not just a piece of treat, but also the biggest responsibility on the head of Rajasthani people to follow and maintaing the same pride as it was there in past days.


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