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The heritage legacy of the state Rajasthan can be deeply realized by visiting Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur not only serves as the perfect destination to realize the culture of Rajasthan, but rather the city Jaipur is titled as one of the best places in India which throbs the complete trip of richness of Indian culture and cuisines. The cuisines of Jaipur in peculiar is influenced by the lifestyle of the Maharajas and Maharani of Jaipur. The lifestyle of the rich people of Jaipur was nowhere less than the lifestyle of prince Charles, the only difference maintained by the definition of royalty in their senses. Cuisines of Jaipur includes all the Rajasthani food which is cooked only under Desi and pure ghee. The founder of Jaipur, Maharaja Jai Singh was a king who lived his whole life in dignity and pure honor of Indian touch. And thus, the same was be experienced in the cuisines of Jaipur as well.

Cuisines Of Jaipur


What Make It So Special?


Dal is the Rajasthani syle is made by mixing variety of Dal of different colors, and cooked to spice it up with typical Rajasthani red and green spices. The taste of Rajasthani dal makes it so special


Baati is a unleavedned bread cooked with hard shape and is eaten with Dal. Whats makes it so special is that it is made using just the hands, and one can never make the Batis using any utensil. Baati are made either plain or sometimes coins fillings into it as per the choice of people.


Also known as hot garlic paste, lahsun ki chutney is made in Jaipur which tastes spicy along with the turr taste of garlic into it. The specially of the paste is that it is eaten along with Dal-Baati in order to add special taste in the dish.


Mirchi bada is actually the Pakoda which id made of big green chilly wrapped with some fillings and Besan. And then deep fried in oil. What makes it so special is the taste and hot temper it throws to the person eating the same.


Gatte ki sabji is made of cooking balls of Besan into the sabji and serving it with other dishes of Jaipur cuisine. What makes the sabji so special is that it can only be made and tasted pout in the parts of Rajasthan.

Bajre Ki Roti

Bajre ki Roti is the millet bread which is soured with pure ghee onto it and is served with the Rajasthani sabji. Bajre ki Roti is only made in pars of Rajasthan which ultimately title it as the special cuisines of Rajasthan.


Kadhi is made by cooking yogurt and besan together along with the add ons of some vegetables into it. Drinking hot Rajasthani kadhi is nowhere compared to taste of any other cuisines in the world. This maked Kadhi a special segment of Jaipur cuisines.


Jaipur's Sweet Dish


Why Popular?


Churma is made by crushing Baati and adding pure Ghee and sugar into it. Churma is famous in parts of jaipur and Rajasthan, as it is made involving less efforts when the palatte already includes Baati with it.


Gujia is one such segment which is specially made on the occasion of Holi, and involves the shape of hemisphere filled with special fillings of dry furits and other rich ingredients including sugar.


Halwa is very famous and easy to make sweet dish in Jaipur which is made by Dal. Dal halwa is specifically famous of Jaipur which includes rich ingredients with dal and cooked in Desi and pure Ghee.


Imart is a synonyms to Jabeli, which is made by filled with Sugar dip. Imart on the other side is much bigger and different in shape from Jabeli.


Speaking of Ghevar, Rajasthan is the name which comes out where it is famous and made. Ghevar is made of special ingredients and accord of receipe which is only possible and made in parts of Rajasthan.

The above two tables briefly describe the typical Jaipur cuisines along with the sweet dishes (desserts) which specifically describes the richness and dignity of Rajasthan. What makes the Jaipur sweet dishes different from other desserts is that the sweet dishes of Jaipur are had while and after having the meal. This is one of the reason by Jaipur sweet dishes are known as desserts. They doesn’t play the role of desserts but rather accompany Jaipuri cuisines with them. Cuisines of Jaipur are coines as rich as the culture of the city. They are not poured in pure ghee but rather the love and affection of the chefs who made the Jaipur cuisines. Cuisines of Jaipur in their own shell describes the dignity and honor of Jaipur city along with Rajasthan. The one who is still untouched with the cuisines of Jaipur is surely missing out the big thing.

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