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The bilevel car or double-decker coach is a type of rail car that has two levels of passenger accommodation, as opposed to one, increasing passenger capacity. In some countries such vehicles are commonly referred to as dostos, derived from the [...]

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Outskirts stand for a transition zone where urban and rural uses mix. As Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is one of the metro cities of India so it is expanding day by day in every direction. There are numerous tourist attractions within [...]

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Picnic Sports In Jaipur : There are various gardens and tourist spots in Jaipur where one can go for the picnic. The various picnic spots are: 1. Sanganer: The tiny village of Sanganer is 16 kilometers south of Jaipur and a wide road leads to it. [...]

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Birla Auditorium Birla Auditorium is located in Jaipur, India. This auditorium is one of the most famous venues of the city. It hosts some of the renowned international events and exhibits. The exhibition center boasts of its multifunctional and [...]

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Jaipur Tourism

Jaipur, the glistening Pink City, was founded by and named after Sawai Jai Singh II. It beckons tourists with a magnificent display of its royal Rajput heritage in its imposing forts and impressive palaces. Added bonus is the warm hospitality of its [...]

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Jaipur Literature Festival

One of the most prominent annual events in the city is the Jaipur annual Literature Festival. Held at the Diggi Palace Hotel, the literary festival is one of the largest in all of India, drawing authors, readers and cultural critics to the city [...]

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Cultural Attractions

The rich history of Jaipur features a number of prominent cultural features, ranging from museums to traditional institutions to modern markets. Both modern and ancient Indian traditions are alive and well within Jaipur, which has fully integrated [...]

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Local Forts

The rich history of the city is embodied in its many forts, which reflect the ancient traditions of India. These forts have been well kept and date back to early Indian traditions in the 16th century and earlier. Amber fort is one of the most [...]

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Jaipur International Airport

The recently re-structured Jaipur International Airport (JAI) is located just outside of the city and provides connecting flights to regional hubs such as Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad, as well as connections to international airports. Travelers [...]

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