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When you think about Paris, we can easily picture the city, with scenic beauty, beautiful apparels, luxurious cosmetic products, antiques, Museum and parks. The place is a heaven beauty, and is visited by tourists all year round. Jaipur, also known as the Paris of India, is the capital city of Rajasthan. Why Jaipur is called the Paris of India? Jaipur is the city of immense beauty and is an avid holiday spot, same as Paris city. Jaipur has some exclusive trademarked products, and talking about monuments, the city has some great forts and palaces, heritage houses which are a unique example of contemporary architecture. Jaipur is named as the Paris of India because in every way it gives resemblance to the place of beauty and nature. Jaipur has developed and maintained its environment and has always refreshed its ancestry and history yet it has been developing and will soon be counted among the metropolitan cities of India. Jaipur is also called the pink city because the city is majorly constructed with pink colored sand stone. The city is often named as the Paris of India, because of its royal charm and beauty which is famous throughout the world As Paris is famous for its beauty and aura, same is the Pink city of India famous for its beauty charm and traditionality. Pink city is a well planned city within walls, it was built in pre-modern times according to a distinctive Indian theory of architecture known as vaastu vidya, by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who himself was a great Astronomer and Astrologer. City was divided into nine parts in which seven parts were given to the public and the rest two were kept for other buildings and palaces. For fortification walls were constructed all around the city as a security mark. Everything was built and was scrutinized under each and every step of Vaastu. Jaipur architecture is world-wide famous and praised; the ancestral architecture was so well planned and built. And as the development of the city, the city has developed from centre and flourished through all the corners and folds of the city. The city is well planned and an exceptional example of beauty. The city has some majestic imposing forts, royal palaces with some magnificent architecture which in all depicts and reflects the unmatched beauty and blend of two art oriented cultures. The city truly flaunts its vibrant and glossy culture; in every possible way may it be through architecture, hospitality, cuisine, entertainment etc. The country is an avid holiday destination for family, friends and couples and everyone coming to the city rejoices their visit and also the city makes it a point to put all the possible efforts to make the visit memorable for each of its visitor. The city welcomes its each visitor in its typical traditional Rajasthani style; the city has exclusive forts, magnificent palaces, lush green parks and gardens. The city also has attractive markets which offer the best classic, royal, traditional products in the market which are famous and known all over the globe. The markets are loaded with beautiful fabrics, accessories, antiques, apparels etc Traditional work on fabrics, woven clothing’s, and pottery products are some specialty of the city. The city offers a wide range of beautiful articles which are available in the famous local markets of the city. The city has some great shops and outlets also some magnificent malls which are some favorite spot of the city. The clubs and the lounges are also another source of entertainment; the city offers a great variety of cuisine from all around the world. Jaipur equals the comparison of it’s to the Paris whether its architecture, shopping, handicrafts, paranormal beauty, cuisine everything you name it and Jaipur has it. The city lives up to its expectation mark and is must destination to visit.

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