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Jaipur Tourism Industry

Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan in India, is also known as the “Pink City”. It is one of the most ancient cities of the country and is also the seat of India's rich culture, heritage and tradition.

Jaipur is a major tourist destination of the world. The capital of Rajasthan is filled with a large number of historical monuments, parks, gardens, museums and temples that attracts a large number of people to this place every year.Jaipur tourism has taken all sorts of the steps necessary to make this city a major holiday destination of the world. In fact, tourism is a major industry in Jaipur. Every year, Jaipur touches the new heights of profits in tourism industry serving the Jaipur package under budget which is unexpected. Jaipur is one only Proud city of India which is growing to the best in the field of tourism. The historical monuments, sculputures, traditions, customs and culture of Jaipur makes it the one ancient city in India, the fragrance and customs of where are not seen anywhere in the whole world.

The grand mahals of the kings and queens, the beautiful gardens, parks and the temples of the city has given a spurt to the tourism industry of the city. Every year a large number of tourists come to this city to explore the rooms, halls and the interiors of the Jal Mahal and the Amber Fort. One can take a walk on the paved path of the Sisodia Rani garden.

City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Galtaji, Birla Mandir, Jaigarh, Nahargarh are the prime sites to visit in Jaipur.The Teej Festival, Elephant Festival and the Kite Festival are some of the major colorful festivals of the city. Jaipur is the cultural hub of India.The handicraft industry is pretty strong over here. The city is known for its mirror work, bandhni work, stonework, silver jewellery and other local handicrafts. The handicraft industry thus plays a major role in promoting Jaipur tourism. Foreigners come over here to buy a large number of decorative articles and traditional jewellery.

Jaipur tourism has contributed towards the development of the city. A large number of hotels and resorts have come up over the past few years. As many international tourists come over here for a vacation, a large amount of foreign exchange is earned by the tourism industry in Jaipur. The city municipality and the government of the state has preserved the national heritages and monuments of the city so as to attract more and more tourists over here.

Being a major tourist destination, one can find a large number of hotels over here, to stay when on a holiday to this city. The facilities offered in these hotels are of world-class standards. Within the city you can move around by bus, taxi, auto-rickshaws or by cycle-rickshaws. Jaipur sharing the old customs carried by the king and the queen, Jaipur is also the leading edge city. If one can find the auto-rickshaw stand over here, then one can find the well established airport as well. Jaipur is a fusion of old customs with the running culture all over the world. Jaipur is loved by every tourist person who can feel the old customs and traditions even while enjoying their own comfort-ness. This ultimately leads to the growing tourism industry.

Jaipur, one of the most beautiful cities of India, filled with fun and excitement. Jaipur tourism is thus an ever growing and flourishing industry helping visitors to realize the beauty of the city with Jaipur packages under affordable capital and pocket.

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