The Ostentatious Museum of Indology in Pink City

Jaipur is the domicile to sophisticatedly built temples, ornamented Havelis and grandiose forts. Simply put, the city is a wealth trove of the past era. Even though Jaipur does not boast several museums, the broad historic compilation, tiny paintings and mementos of imperial bequest are adequate to hypnotize the visitors. During your visit to the museums in Jaipur, you can notice an assortment of relics, valuable stones, musical instruments, wall paintings and other exceptional remnants that characterize the pink city’s wealthy legacy and lavishness of the earlier period. These museums in Jaipur stand as a representation of art & culture of the long-gone period. They display the royal inheritance of the city and create a center of attention for thousands of tourists annually. The Museum of SRC Museum of Indology in Jaipur is a place that should never be missed. Read the article to know more about this wonderful museum.

Location and Access:

The SRC Museum of Indology is positioned on “Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg” in pink city. You can reach this museum by hiring Rickshaw or Taxi. Also, there are local buses that help tourists reach this place without any difficulty.

The Origin of Sri Ram Charan Museum of Indology:

Sri Ram Charan Museum of Indology is the sole outcome of the endeavors made by a person named “Acharya Ram Charan Sharma Vyakul”. This scholar was over-enthusiastic in gathering different pieces of arts that are of varied welfare. He commenced his compilation in 1950’s. Since Acharya Vyakul did not have sufficient resources to purchase the excellent Mughal or Rajput minuscule, he began to accumulate folk pictures of Madhu-Malti, Dhola-Maru and much more. As a result, his anthology came to a juncture where it is preserved in a vast museum. Sri Ram Charan Museum of Indology museum was constructed by Ram Charan Sharma in the year 1960.

Treasures in SRC Museum of Indology:

The anthology of Acharya Ram Charan Sharma Vyakul involves thousands of items of dissimilar themes. His compilations are split into 18 parts and a number of them also have subdivisions.

Some of the exquisite items in SRC Museum of Indology are listed below:

  • Meticulous Manuscripts:

The SRC museum of Indology has more than 15,000 manuscripts. Some of them are exemplified and some of them are being printed on interesting mediums such as stick of a bark, paper, cardamom peel and palm leaves etc. Such eminent compilation is congregated and 6 of them have been in print already. The archival section has 8000 chronological manuscripts that are in black and white!!

  • Astounding Paintings:

The major compilation is found on a sole topic that is based on the “Serpent logy”. Almost, a collection of 1000 paintings are there in this subject. In fact, the SRC Museum of Indology has a gigantic compilation of images that are painted on various medium such as, skin, cloth, paper, glass, wood & ivory with lacquer, oil paints and water colors. All these paintings possess various themes that ranges from the images of aristocracy, emperors, tales and sages from the famous Indian epics such as, Mahabharata, Ramayana, the pictures of Ragas and Raginis, Ras Lilas and Lord Krishna, some of the brave women in epics who are named “Nayikabheda” and portrayal of 12 months of the “Barahmasa” year. The complete anthology of folk paintings includes pictures of Lord Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh as well as images of birds, edifices and animals.

  • Scintillating Sculptures:

Numerous sculptures or statues have been amassed and are exhibited in the arcades of SRC museum. The artistic statues of musicians and dancers are carved skillfully as gorgeous sculptures. A few of these statues are very old and belongs to fourth century.

  • Miscellaneous treasures:

In addition to the paintings, sculptures and manuscripts, exclusive compilation of “Tantric” items that were employed to carry out “Tantricism” is also kept on the exhibition in SRC museum for the viewers. There are over 6000 samples of designer-woven textile collection that are beautifully created with embroidery work and bright colored prints. The colorful dyed textiles from various parts of the globe add worth to the treasure cove of SRC Museum of Indology.

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