Hotel Samode Palace Jaipur

Samode Palace Jaipur

Talking about any place, the title of uniqueness and exclusiveness is defined by its existence from bygone era. Bygone era describes the endurance of the culture from a longer time marking it as the milestone in the pages of history. The Jaipur culture talks about the bygone era existences which are still the gems of the Rajasthani tradition. One such hotel which talks about the existence of bygone era till date moderated with extra and royal appearance is “Samode Palace Jaipur”. Samode palace Jaipur is titled as the palace describing the typical traditions of Rajasthan which is the heart and soul of the state. Samode palace is the construction dedicated to the royal and rich appearance of the culture and customs of Jaipur. It serves the caption “Live life, king size”. The accommodation in the palace offers every inch in the dignified form without any artificial ease in the same.

Experiencing the sovereignty and customs of Rajasthan is best felt in the air of Samode Palace. The staff of the Samode palace welcomes every guest in the manner to greet the almighty who is here to test and analyze the culture of Rajasthan. The late evening time in Jaipur, beautifies the fascination and delicacy of the palace by the short glimpse of colorful lights throwing the vintage on the palace. Every staff member of the Samode palace is deeply attached with Samode because of its amazing establishment and glory helping them to develop their skills in the broader aspect. Samode palace is located in the Village Samode, Tehsil Chomu district in Jaipur under the lapse of Aravali hills which is the exemplar of beauty of nature.

The Samode palace is the satisfaction to the guests wanting to organize an official conference or meeting in the palace. The idea of the conference in the Samode palace helps the international people to peacefully indulge in their work along with royal and rich heritage carved in the interiors of the rooms. The visitors wanting to experience the culture of Jaipur are bestowed by the safari lodge leading their journey to the unique and royal stories of the Jaipur. The safari lodge by palace helps in experiencing the national parks nearby to Jaipur along with the visit to the famous places in Jaipur. Safari lodge is one foremost services offered by only few hotels in Jaipur.

Samode palace Jaipur serves as the dream houses for many international visitors who were magnificently impressed by the uplifting of the rich heritage describing the lifestyle of the maharaja’s (Kings) of pinkcity. The magnificent entities in the hotel helps in realizing the richness of the royalty, honor and pride shared in all parts of the globe.  Samode palace famous in every local people of Rajasthan pours the purity and solemn redefining the royalty in the way, the kings of Jaipur used to feel.

Hotel Samode Palace Jaipur Facilities

The Samode palace is furnished with 19 spacious rooms, 20 deluxe suites and 4 royal suites along with the facilities of four poster beds, delicate fabric, carved couches, bath tubs, Jacuzzi and rich carpets in the rooms.  The rooms in the hotel exemplify the luxurious and rich experience poured with heritage of Rajasthan. The Samode palace provides the luxurious buffet breakfast to the guests in the courtyard under the lapse of beauty of nature. One can enjoy their food and wine along pool side or romanticizing candle light dinner. Samode palace shares the priority hotel when organizing the weddings and celebrations. The Samode palace offers the royal touch filled with Rajasthani culture for the uncounted population spending their time in the royal weddings and celebrations in this Samode palace providing enough accommodation and food facility.

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