Rajasthan – The Terrain of Mystery, Romance and Bravery!!

The state of Rajasthan is a favorite tourist destination in India as this state showcases the ethnicity of the whole nation at its most vibrant and fineness. The entire wealth and prosperity along with its ethnicity, tradition and culture can be spotted in Rajasthan through its forts, palaces, camels, desert, snake charmers and elephants. Visiting Rajasthan is one of the most fabulous and idealistic travel experiences for people from any part of the globe. A large part of Rajasthan consists of glorious “Thar Desert” province where Rajputs, the brave and mysterious warriors established countless palaces, temples and forts. The state of Rajasthan is also immersed in the olden times of the soldierly Rajputs, their conventions of tribute and gallantry that are well-understood through their legends of valor and courage. In addition, the romantic Rajasthan is rich in momentous palaces, fortresses, temples and awesome picturesque exquisiteness and artistic legacy.

Mystery in Rajasthan:

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan : Bhangarh, a forsaken township in Rajasthan was built by King Madho Singh, the son of Man Singh of Amber who was the great Mughal emperor in the year 1613. The city of Bhangarh was deserted soon after it was constructed. By all accounts, Bhangarh was abandoned after a magician spelled a curse on the city. Due to the lack of knowledge, Ajab Singh, the grandson of Madho Singh built a fortress that reached to tallness where the shadow of the fortress touched the prohibited area. Consequently, the whole Bhangarh town was destructed. Neighboring villagers and locals say that every time a house is constructed here, the roof of the house collapse immediately. Also, locals say that if, a person stays in the town stay after the hours of darkness, he/she won’t come back alive. The surprising fact is that the “Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)” has kept a sign board that says, “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area”.

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan : The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace at Kota, Rajasthan is almost 178-year old. This Palace belongs to the earlier stately family of Kota, Rajasthan. It is believed that this palace houses a resident ghost, called “Major Burton” who was a British dweller who came to Kota. He was assassinated by Indian army soldiers during the rebellion held in the year 1857. The Indian sepoys murdered “Major Burton” and his 2 sons in the innermost hallway of the palace. In accordance with the anecdote, the palace is believed to inhabit an old man who carries a cane in his hand. The old man is assumed as the ghost of “Major Burton”. People say that the ghost does not hurt people. However, during the nighttimes, the ghost of Major Burton gives a slap to the security men who doze off.

Romance in Rajasthan:

Udaipur : Udaipur, the “Venice of the East” is considered to be the top romantic city in India. In 1829, Udaipur is named as the one of the romantic cities in India by “Colonel James Tod” in his “Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan”. Udaipur is an amiable city that is chock full of prehistoric manors, fine-looking gardens, temples with intricate architecture and magnificent palaces that overlooks extensive glistening lakes. The City Palace, which broadens by the side of the eastern coast of Lake Pichola will mesmerize the tourists. The technique used in its construction is simply superb. The City palace was built by combining both Rajput martial structural design and Mughal style ornate methods.

In order to enhance the romance of the city, there exist charismatic lake and city views beneath several courtyards, towers and balconies. The Lake Palace in Udaipur is an insightful, magic confection that’s luminous during day and a limelight in the hours of darkness night. As Udaipur is a conurbation of palaces, it is the best spot for you to stay in your honeymoon trip! In Udaipur, you'll also spot an assortment of authentic palace hotels that will go well with your personal taste and obligation.

The Amber Fort:

The Amber fort has a fabulous location in the Aravalli knolls on the northern side of Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the prohibited wells, lies a palace with a delightfully bedecked decor. This palace with its obscure courtyards bestows an extremely romantic insight into the prehistoric existence of brave Rajput Kings.

Bravery in Rajasthan:

Jodhpur : Over the “Blue city of Jodhpur”, dominant Mehrangarh, the powerfully constructed fort is a splendid manifestation and an architectural magnum opus of Rajasthan. The frightening walls of Mehrangarh Fort materialize to rise biologically from its stony branch. Beneath the old township of Jodhpur, a hodgepodge of “Brahmin-blue” cubes spread out into the mist. The city of Jodhpur extends further than the 16th-century boundary. However, the drone of the old blue city along with several forts that stands as the representation of brave warriors of ancient times imprison the mind's eye of the travelers from various parts of the globe. The ‘blue city’ really is blue and brave!

Mehrangarh Fort : Even today, Mehrangarh is administered by the next generation people of Jodhpur Maharaja. When visitors come within reach, the walls of this fort soar above their heads in a thrilling revelation of the ancient skillful builders. The walls inside the fort is a shaded with deep-terracotta. The intricate lattice palace and the arrangement of courtyards are some of the attention-grabbing examples of the lop-sidedness and evenness of Rajput constructions. In all the 7 gates, one should pay attention to “Lohapol (Iron Gate)” that has copious disastrous tiny hand prints (covered in red color powder) which is the ‘Sati’ scripts of wives of Maharaja Man Singh who tossed themselves in the lead of Maharaja’s funeral pyre in the year 1843. Even today, these hand prints create a center of attention as a devotional spot.

The Princely City of Jaipur: Being the capital of Rajasthan, the Pink City of Jaipur is a celebrated city that was painstakingly designed by ‘Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II’ in the year 1727. In Jaipur, one can find a fresh-look of the ancient times.

Eye-catching hill-top forts, magnificent palaces colorful bazaars including a range of accommodation and dining alternatives are some of the highlights of Jaipur. The ancient Palaces, Forts, Havelis and fortresses in Jaipur are always considered as a great illustration of the bravery and courage of Maharajas and emperors who lived in the past.

Ranthambore National Park : Ranthambore National Park is a 1334 sq km wide untamed forest scrub bordered in by the rock-strewn ridges. Inner most area of the park houses Ranthambore Fort that was belongs to 10th century. One can also spot prehistoric temples, mosques, crocodile-crammed lakes, cenotaphs & hides in close proximity. In the past, Ranthambore National Park was the hunting ground of some of the valiant Maharajas.

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