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Nahargarh in the eyes of Bollywood

Nahargarh fort is enclosed in the fantastic ambience of Aravalli Hills, which is facing the beautiful Pink City. This is a lovely fort which provides the best travel pleasure in Jaipur a place in Rajasthan which is famous to be mostly named as Pink City. Nahargarh Fort is one of the best tourist destinations of Pink City. One must visit this place while visiting Jaipur. We will get to know about the rich cultural heritage of India while visiting this fort. Nahargarh fort is located approximately at a height of 700 feet and it is nearly about 15 km away from Jaipur city. This fort was built in the year 1734 for residence and security. Nahargrah fort is also named as “Tiger Fort”.

Pink city is gaining massive popularity as a filming destination. A number of renowned films have been shot here and many will be shot in near future as well. This Pink City hosted many bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Recently, bollywoood film “Bol Bachchan” directed by Rohit Shetty and starred by Abhishek bachchan, Ajay devgan, Asin, and Prachi Desai. Some of the scenes in the movie are shot at the Nahargarh fort.

Rang de Basanti is one of the greatest movie in bollywood which raised patriotic feelings among us. Beer game from Rang De Basanti , no one can ever forget the beer drinking competition that Aamir Khan indulges while simultaneously balancing himself on the edge of a really steep fort lie structure. This place is the public water tank of the Nahargarh fort. It is indeed remarkable that public are still allowed to take a dip in this pool and that one can reach almost near the steps of the pool in a two-wheeler. After the movie was shot here, the place has been re-christened as Rang De Basanti point. Nahargarh fort commands an impressive view of Jaipur city in the song Khalbali Hai Khalbali from Rang De Basanti. This shot was taken at the Baoli in the Nahargarh Fort.

Another South Indian bollywood movie Solla Solla (from Thiruvannamalai) was filmed at the stepwell, commonly known as Baoli at the Nahagarh Fort. It shows that Nahargarh Fort not only attracts the tourists but also the bollywood world towards its natural beauty.

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