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In today's fast paced and ever increasing modernized life, it becomes imperative for the city dweller to find a one stop solution for all his/her home requirements as well as find a haven to escape the daily pressures of work and entertain oneself and relax over some leisure time. The mall is exactly that kind of a space, giving a person temporary respite from a hectic existence, also providing all that he or she needs for his home and himself or herself in one place-from groceries to clothes.

Jaipur has many famous malls. Some of them are Pink Square Mall, Big Bazaar on Tonk Road, Gaurav Tower, Crystal Palm etc. To find everything of necessity in one place and to entertain kids all at one go makes a mall indispensable to the modern day shopper. One can even watch movies here to relax and have fun if one is not doing anything else at a mall.

One can avail of heavy discounts at a mall. Off season prices make for an attractive way of buying goods of all kinds at this display. Whether it be jewellery or crockery, everything can be bought for a lesser price. One can even get memberships to malls. Once one is a member of a mall, one can collect points on a card and then avail of discounts and offers on consumer goods. Some goods come with coupons and more such offers, possible only at outlets such as malls. It is no less a wonder that most people have taken to malls as their one stop destination to all shopping in their neighbourhood.

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