Jaipur International Film Festival

JIFF is  rubric as the world’s fastest growing film festival in the nation. Jaipur international film festival was launched in the year 2009 which created a history in the film industry festivals globally. Under act of Public trust act 1959, JIFF trust is registered under Devasthan Commissioner of Jaipur khand office. Every year the 5 day festival from 27th January to 31st January in Jaipur is recognized as the international celebration of films which is marked by the presence great directors and actors of the globe. JIFF shares the expanding name in the history of film industry every year locking the milestone step in the book of cinema festivals. After a tribute to the film festival of world, Jaipur is honored for organizing the World’s best and fabulous red carpet award ceremony every year on January 30th. The purpose of this festival is served by lifting up the new talents in the form of movie makers resulting in exchanging dramatic and beautiful ideas of knowledge and culture of film industries with other proud people under one roof.

The vast varying culture and social thoughts of the great people help in achieving the fusion to develop and respect the friendship and corporate thoughts among every piece of heart that is the part of this festival. JIFF provides the best platform to connect the serious filmmakers around the world so as to enable their immense and huge thoughts and creativity that helps in development of the society. Talking about the success mold in JIFF since 2009 till date, following points individually describes each year functioning of the festival:

2009: In the year 2009, Jaipur international film festival took a first step towards success with the attendance of 3500 film lovers and film makers. 6 foreign countries introduced 58 short films and documentaries along with 2 feature films. Overall, 148 international films were documented in the festival by 7 different countries. JIFF 2009 was the initial step to enroll every film lover by the great and successful thoughts in the form of films by many makers from all over the globe.

2010: In the year 2010, around 10,000 film lovers and film makers were the part of this festival overwhelmed by the screening of 87 short films and documentaries, 2 featured films from 23 different countries. Along with 350 international films from 41 different countries were the parts of the same. JIFF 2010 was a great success as 94 films from JIFF were sent to Union Information and ministry of broadcast, New Delhi for official title, out of which 87 films were tiled and censored in Indian cinema.

2011: In the year 2011, more than 15,000 film lovers and makers attended this festival with immense joy and thoughtful experience. The visitors became the part of the screening of 144 short films, documentaries, animation movies and featured films from 67 different countries. The viewers and readers of JIFF 2011 increased to 10 billion in Rajasthan, 20 billion in India and 2 billion in the world marking it a great event of the year.

2012: The recent JIFF 2012 statistics are still in process marking a record of 902 films from 70 different countries.

Jaipur International Film Festival redefines the history of cinema to a huge level marking as a milestone success in the same field and enabling the local people to deeply revitalize the significance to films. JIFF has reached the highest points of success in just 4 years making it a most significant and important festival in Rajasthan. No event in India has achieved such great success in such a short span of time making Jaipur international film festival as the biggest event of the state with audience from all parts of the globe.

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