Jaipur Cheap hotels

Cheap hotels in Jaipur

Cheap hotels in Jaipur

Jaipur is full of rich heritage culture which can never be felt anywhere in the world. People travelling to Jaipur are more concerned about the accommodation i.e. hotels that will help them in achieving and realizing the real beauty of Pinkcity. This article will help the one who wants to accommodate in hotels with low budget i.e. availability of Jaipur cheap hotels which does not compromise with the services and facilities that comes under low budget. The list below goes with the priority circle from top to bottom based on their services and availability of quality values in these budget Jaipur hotels

Umaid Bhawan: Situated in banipark, the hotel Umaid Bhawan is built in the Mughal architect form along with the Rajasthani touch. The building talks about the royal look of Rajasthan with rich textures and customs. This hotel ensures 26 furnished rooms one can opt for with best facilities and services. The tariff starts from 1400 to 3500 Rs. INR.

Umaid Mahal: Umaid Mahal is situated in Bani Park which promises the royal texture and architect built with the touch of Rajasthan and Mughal style. The building is embraced with the royal gallery and entities which talks about the royal appearance of the king and queen of Rajasthan. It allows the village safari to visitors along with travel facilities when gazing the famous monuments and temples in Jaipur and nearby places. The tariff varies 1600 to 3000 INR.

Pink Pearl: Pink pearl is one famous hotel in Jaipur with tariff from 1000 to 5000 INR. The hotel allows visitors to be the part of the pink pearl water park as well which is associated with the same and can enjoy their sunny days under water. Pink pearl hotel provides the social gatherings and conference facilities as well that ensures the best services to the visitors along with multi-cuisine restaurant.

Broadway: Broadway hotel resides on Agra road, Jaipur which is a single building with 42 big rooms embracing the beauty of rich culture of the state. It serves the big dining hall and meeting rooms under one roof providing the best services and facilities to the visitors. Broadway ensures the big banquet hall for party time with perfect food and on time services. The tariff starts from 625 to 1125 Rs. INR. It provides the travel and transport facility as well to travel the great monuments of the city.

Jaipur Darbar: Jaipur Darbar is one finest hotel on amber road in low budget category which enables visitors to embrace the true beauty of Pinkcity. During the evening visit, one can feel the golden and enshrining lights in the hotel which conducts the royal culture of Rajasthan. The hotel is furnished with 30 rooms with perfect services and facilities to the visitors. The hotel promises the travel facilities to the viewers who want to travel and feel the real beauty of Pinkcity. The tariff starts from 990 to 1500 Rs. INR.

Atithi guest room: Atithi guest room is situated in C-scheme road modifying the Rajasthani culture in a modern way and manner. Tariff starts from 550 to 660 Rs. INR which completely comforts the people with low budget. The services include the rooftop restaurant embodying the beautiful view of the city along with clean services.

These are some cheap hotels in Jaipur which provide the best facilities under budget. One does not have to think twice before entering the mentioned hotels. These budget hotels Jaipur believe in providing the best services so as to ensure that the visitors had deep and memorable experience with the real and royal beauty of Jaipur which is famous for its rich heritage and honored rituals.

The page does not only brief about the budgets hotels in Jaipur but also associated seasonal hotel deals with the same with the validity depending on the choice and business of the cheap Jaipur hotels. The book now caption benefits the visitors to know about the comparatively low tariffs offers that promise the comfortable and unforgettable journey to Jaipur. The offers are titled exclusive because of the same services and values provided to the visitors with low capital.

So now, don’t wait, just pack your bags and run to feel the essence of royal Jaipur.

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