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Baori at Nahragardh fort

It is located between the Nahargarh hills at the Nahargarh Fort. It was built by Sawai Raja Jai Singh in 1734. The fort is destination of one of the major tourist attractions of the Pink city. Nahargarh fort was built by Sawai Raja Jai Singh and later renovated by doing some additions by the successors of Sawai Raja Jai Singh. The fort was renovated in the 19th century and some splendid features were added to the magnificent fort. The older parts of the fort though have withered and lost its charm by the times but the new additions are charming and captivating till date. The Nahargarh Fort is exquisitely constructed. It was used as the retreat for the ladies of kings and maharajas. This is a two-storey building which has suites for the king and his twelve queens.
Bawdi also called Stepwells or baoli, or vaav is there. These are wells or ponds in which the water may be reached by descending a set of steps. Deep trenches into the earth were built by the builders for dependable and year-round groundwater. Walls of these trenches are lined up with blocks of stone, without mortar, and stairs were made which reaches down to the water.
This Baoli is a major part of the Nahargarh Fort which one must see while visiting the fort. To see this stepwell, you need to take a left to go to the side of the fort before entering the fort. The traditional architecture of this baoli, when seen from the front of it, makes this place a must-visit. The Baoli has unique features in it as there is no symmetry in the design and many more. The steps are built in such a way that it will collect the water from the hill side of the Nahargarh Fort. The steps looks crazy almost like waves rolling down the hill side.
The Baoli and the Fort at Nahargarh are not as old as they were built in 1700s. This Fort was a Defense Fort which was never used. The Nahargarh Fort and the Baoli are also used for shooting movie as it is an adventurous site. The scenes of Aamir Khan’s movie in the year 2006 Rang De Basanti was filmed at the same Nahargarh Baoli. Because of the movie shots, this Baoli has become a best place for hangs out.
In a steep well, there are some ornamental and architectural features which are mostly associated with dwellings and other rural areas. Baoli is usually divided into two parts: a vertical shaft from where water is drawn out and the inclined stairways which provides access to the well. The walls of the surroundings are carved out in such a way that the water remains cool during hot summers.

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