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The country of Smiles – Thailand

THAILAND is a south East Asian nation, which has been under the monarchy of HM Bhumibol Adulyadej until mid of 14th century. The unified Thai kingdom was named Siam till mid-14th century and afterwards was named Thailand. Thailand is located at the southeast of Indo-China peninsula and surrounded by Andaman Sea.

About Thailand

Thailand is the world’s 51st largest country with a total area of 513,000 Km2, and is the world’s 20th most populous country with a population of 64 million people. The capital city of the country is Bangkok. The people of the country are 75% ethnic Thai, 14% Chinese and rest are Indian, Malay, Burmese, Lao etc.

The culture of the country is majorly influenced from India. Thailand has 76 provinces of of which there are 2government districts i.e. Bangkok and Pattaya. The official language of the country is Thai (Tai-Kadai) and numerous more tribal dialects are spoken in the country.

The country is among the most visited places of the world, i.e. has a huge tourist crowd all along the year.  The crystal blue beaches, the lush dense green forests, the amazing wildlife, the beautiful marine life, picturesque places, night life etc are some of the exceptional and named attraction of the country.The people here are kind and always smiling, which gives you warmth of being in your own country and not somewhere unknown.

Thailand ECONOMY

The economy of the country is the industrialized economy, it is major GDP is contributed by the exports accounting, it counts two third of the GDP. Thailand is the second largest economy in Asaianfet Indonesia.

The currency of the country is Thai baht (bhat being a unit of measurement).

1INR=0.557 THB, where as 1USD=30.74THB

1EURO= 39.146 THB where as highest is for 1GBP=48.821THB


By Air- There are several flights serving to this purpose. There are many flights flying down to the major destinations and districts of Thailand. There are many flights available from different major cities of India for e.g. Mumbai-Bangkok, Kolkata, and Delhi – Bangkok, Delhi-Phuket and Delhi- Jakarta are some flights available from these major destinations of the country. Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airways and many more airways have the option of picking a flight from their via destinations.


The country has a huge tourism department, as it sees a huge tourist crowd every year, hence the country offers the best of accommodation services for all kinds of people with varied taste and budgets. The place has huge number of luxury hotels, guest houses, resorts, condos, rented houses, and bungalows etc which are available to visitors on the basis of their needs of comfort.

There are Resorts, Hotels, and Guest houses in different and varied styles and with budgets, below is the list of some popular Resorts, Luxury Hotels and Budget Guest houses.

Panthum Wan, Bangkok- it is a five star luxury hotel, located in a apt place in Bangkok. The hotel is spread in the lush 8acre garden and gives a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Sarojin in Phang Nga is a beautiful hotel, located in the best place with relaxing and inspiring surroundings. The hotel offers all basic and required luxuries to the visitor at a very reasonable cost.

Banyan Tree resort, Phuket– With golden sand lining the resort and the Andaman sea waving from the windows the resort is located in the scenic lap of beauty.

Color kata Guest House- A very budge limited guest house offering best of comfort levels and services an apt accommodation service to avail.

Villas, Bungalows and Home stays  

There is a list of Bungalows, Vilas which serve to the accommodation purposes for the big families or group travelers.

PB Valley Khao Yai Winery- It is a 6 cottage and 1 bungalow accommodation place and serves to all the comforts.

Mae Ping Home stay- Has 6 northern style gracious huge rooms

Doi Saket on Chaing Mai in Northern Island.

THAILAND Attractions

Beaches, Forest, Waterfalls– The country has some of beautiful Islands in the world, some really dense green forests with a varied flora and fauna, soma amazing waterfalls. The nature has blessed the place, it has some exquisite natural beauty which attracts tourists from worldwide.

Ko Tarutao marine Park consists of 51 islands and is located at the south of Southern Thailand, which is spread over an area of 20-70kms distance from southwestern most point of mainland. The Island has historical importance, During World War II, the Thai criminals and political prisoners were held here, including Sittiporn Gridagon, the son of Rama VII, where food and medical supplies from the mainland were depleted.

The island has a beautiful marine life turtles, whales, crabs eating macaques, mouse deer etc.

The crystal blue water invites the snorkelers and divers also the place has great hiking places from where you get to see the beautiful scenery of the Island.

Ko Chang Second largest island of the country has several waterfalls, Coral reefs, beaches and rainforests.

Similan Island it is divine destination of Western Andaman Sea, the Island is the divine place for the Divers as it has some of beautiful coral reefs.

Monument, Museum and Buildings

Royal Barge National Museum

Opened all seven days a week, Timings- 0900Hrs-1700Hrs

Royal Barge Procession was one of the most impressive events of the Tod Kathin Buddhist festival; it was organized when HM The King used to deliver new robes to monks at Wat Arun. The national Museum has the collection of intricately decorated boats which are maintained by The Royal Tri Navy. The most impressive and beautiful boat is the Kings personal barge which was built in 1911. The boat is 46metres long and is intricately designed with glass.

The Grand Palace– Opened all seven days a week, timings 0830 hrs-1530hrs

To get the sight of the grand and heritage architectural style of Thailand, one should visit the Grand Palace. The compound has some of huge masterpieces of Thai architecture which is a fusion of Burman, Indian and Chinese Architectural styles.


Thai cuisine is among some of famous cuisines of the world. The Thai food focuses on the well balanced blend of all the five flavors i.e. sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter.

The country is divided into four main regions and hence the cuisine gets different according to the place, i.e. North, North eastern, Central, South eastern. The staple food of the country is Jasmine variety Rice (Hom Mali rice). Thai cooking is a blended mixture o traditional and modernized cooking; the food is cooked lightly with strong aroma. Thai food is eaten traditionally with right hand while sitting on a mat on the floor. Table and chair, fork and spoons are being accepted with increasing modernization.

Below listed are some dishes which are popular in the  regions :-

Central Dishes– Chuchi pla kaphong is a snapper in thick red curry

Kai phat kingis chicken stir fried with sliced ginger.

North Eastern Kai yang- marinated grilled chicken

Som tam- green papaya salad

North Kaing hang-li Burmese influenced stewed curry

Nam phrik num is a dish which has paste of pounded large green chilies with steamed or raw vegetables.

Southern Kaeng lueamg spicy yellow curry with Fish ior veggies

Sate- grilled meat (pork/ Chicken)


The country is very well known for its night life and art and culture.

To list some pubs and clubs famous in the country:-

Immigrant in Thamrin, is among famous and hype places of the province.

White Sand Beach, in Kho Chang is among the most happening beaches of the country. The beach experiences huge visitors (party animals) , Odeys place and Sabay bar offer lively music and great nightlife.

Banyan tree located on Santhom road of Lumpini park is a luxurious bar with sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere.

Pattaya Walking Street alive after 2000Hours is the densest place in the south Pattaya having maximum discos, massage parlors and bars.

After Beach Bars Above Kata Noi Beach on the way to Kata Viewpoint is a famous sunset bar, and is a must visit.

Some major events of the country; The Standard Charted Marathon held on Nov 18 of every year

Chiang Mai Yi Peng festival of the country held every year in Nov 25-29 of each year


Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Night bazaar sprawls along the footpath of the building, along temples. The shops offer great deal of handicrafts, clothing imported products etc

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