Ten best places to visit in Thailand

Being a well-liked tourist attraction in entire South-Asia, Thailand has a great deal of places starting from multi-ethnic metropolitans with huge shopping arcades to forests, primeval temples, glitzy spires, stunning palaces, refreshing cascades and some of the most excellent beaches in South-eastern part of Asia. Into the bargain, Thailand is a gastronomic retreat where the eateries and street foods make tourists visit the places repeatedly. At heart, Thailand is a realm with an enthralling story, a pious Buddhist tradition and stunning panorama that entices tourists from several parts of the globe. In accordance with the tourist guru, the “Lonely Planet”, Thailand takes account of everything from grimy beaches to chronological monuments. One must spend several months to completely travel around Thailand and appreciate its beauty. However, owing to the hectic schedule and lack of time these days, the best alternative is to plan a vacation and visit some of the zenith attractions in Thailand.

Buckle up to know about the top 10 places in Thailand that you must never miss!

1. Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai is known as the “Rose of North” of Thailand. The exact meaning of Chiang Mai is “New city”. This city still maintains its allure in spite of commemorating its 700th bicentennial in the year 1996. Chiang Mai takes account of both artistic and natural multiplicity, a massive amount of tourist destinations, and of course, a hospitable generosity. The great King “Meng Rai” who was a spiritual head established scores of the temples or ‘wats’ in the city and also had shaped Chiang Mai as the capital of the “Lanna” realm almost during the founding of the “Sukhothai” empire. In spite of being the artistic and cultural hub of the Lanna realm, it is also the hub of Buddhism in northern part of Thailand. The province in the region of the Chiang Mai is the private residence of the “Long Neck” Karen hill ethnic group of people, a neighboring native group of people who follows a tradition of lengthening their necks with the help of circular metal rings. Tourists can pay a visit to Karen village if, desired.

2. Bangkok: In the present day, Bangkok is a multi-ethnic city that houses more or less ten million inhabitants. Bangkok, holding the pride of being the financial, political, educational, gastronomic, and religious capital city of Thailand boasts the traditional allure and present-day expediency in cooperation. Customarily, locals of Thailand pay a visit to Bangkok, or “Krung Thep” (meaning the “city of angels”) during public holidays. A number of tourists who visit Bangkok are extremely excited to notice the vast area of the city and countless sightseeing spots that are sprinkled all over the city owing to the speedy growth of the city.

3. Ayutthaya:  Ayutthaya is placed at the north of Bangkok and creates a center of attraction among a lot of tourists. Ayutthaya is basically a cluster of prehistoric carcass that dates back to 1351. Several ancient temples, fortresses, commemorative plaques and monasteries are still in various stages of obliteration. At present, this place is a chief sightseeing spot that can be reached easily from Bangkok.  One can notice several statues of Buddha inside the temple together with a reclining Buddha extended to about 39 foot. One can learn about the history of this place at the “Ayutthaya Historical Study Center”.

4. Phuket: Phuket is the country’s most celebrated beach city. Phuket got popular by a famous James Bond movie known as “The Man with the Golden Gun” that was released in the year1974. At present, this region possesses lots of resorts and hotels which present all kinds of sightseeing conveniences for tourists. Phuket is also famous for its energetic and hysterical nightlife with several live entertainment shows, music, drinks and bars.

5. Krabi: Krabi, a beach city with several striking shore cliffs is a region on Andaman shoreline. It is more or less an ethereal province of intricate archipelagos where islets appear to explode from the sea perpendicularly. Private beaches are only reachable by flamboyantly decked out lengthy yachts. Countless bays and inlets of Kabi have protected business men, pirates and sea gypsies for thousands of years. In accordance with the archaeological proof, Krabi is more or less 25,000 to 35,000 years old. Also, Krabi boast huge coral spaces and awesome water visibility that makes it a superb spot to enjoy different types of water sports.

6. Kanchanaburi:  Kanchanaburi is now a key tourist spot with a spotlight on its glorious scenery and charismatic loveliness. This place can be reached within 2 hours from Bangkok city through a bus or train. This place is admired for rafting, fishing, mountain biking, canoeing, star-gazing, bird-watching, elephant & jungle trekking and golfing. This region has quite a few renowned cascades, caverns that were colonized by national parks, Neolithic man, serene rivers, forests, and number of huge pools in the past. At some point in World War II, the “Death Railway” was constructed at this place under the direction of Japanese by the detainees of the war.

7. Sukhothai: The exact meaning of Sukhothai is “Dawn of cheerfulness”. This was the initial self-governing realm of Thailand. Hence, it took pleasure in a golden era under the supremacy of “King Ramkhamhaeng”, who is recognized for constructing the alphabets in Thai language. The city was established in the 13th century. The fabulous monuments & temples of this vast city have been re-established. The Sukhothai Historical Park (a UNESCO World Heritage place) is admired by tourists. Especially, the park will be opened throughout the night and the lovely Buddhas sparkle with lights on special nights.

8. Koh Samui: Koh Samui in Thailand is celebrated for parties and scuba diving. For the most part the “Full Moon Party”, a monthly parody attracts nearly 30,000 people. The parties last for the whole night and will be conducted on the seashore.

9. Phang Nga: The territory of Phang Nga is prominent for its fine-looking land, amazing cove, incredible islets and excellent plunging. The most famous attraction here is the “Phang Nga Bay National Park”. It is a biological marvel that is packed with sunken caverns, islands and astounding rock structures that rises perpendicularly out of the ocean. The cove is exceptionally protected and hence is perfect for voyages on sea kayaks to see the sights of several captivating caves and islets all the way through the cove.

10. Ratchaburi: The leading magnetism of Ratchaburi is the “Damnoen Saduak Floating Market”. This is a marketplace that is admired by a huge proportion of travelers who come from several places of the world. Merchants in Damnoen Saduak Floating Market sell their goods by rowing their boats all along the inland waterways of Ratchaburi. Hundreds of boats swarm the market each morning. The straw hat ladies who row the boats are cheerful and inviting. Tourists can hire these boats for few Thai currencies and glimpse all the sights around the canals. At the same time, tourists can also shop several items from fruits, vegetables, freshly-prepared noodles to mementos during their boat ride.

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