Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an ideal vacation destination, with all prominent attractions in the city. Hong Kong has been among the favorite spots of vacation. Including its major attraction spots, its gourmet cuisine, and country’s night life have been attracting visitors from all around the globe. Visitors do visit the country for its unmatched cuisine’s flavor and taste. From road side stalls to five starred restaurants, all places offer a varied range of delicacies.

The country’s cuisine is influenced from Cantonese cuisine i.e. sea food, the sea food of the country is famous and is preferred by almost all traveler visiting the city. The country has some classic restaurants serving best of Cantonese cuisines which is delectable. The article lists some of the classic restaurants in hong kong which are must to try for.

NAAM (Mandarin Oriental Macau), Macau

Within lush green landscape, blue swimming pool and a flavored delicious aroma hanging in the air is the exquisite scenario of the Naam restauraunt. The major highlights of the restaurant are-

Stir-fried lamb with curry paste and eggplants, Steamed fish with assorted Thai herbs, and Salmon in red curry are some of the favorite dishes of the restaurant.

It’s an Al fresco Thai cuisine oriented restaurant, for lunch timings are from 1200 to 0230 hours, where as for Dinner 0630 hours-1030hours.


The place is a favorite among office workers, and is almost full at happy hours for drinks and lunch. The place is an Italian influenced restaurant, with red brick colored walls and Al fresco area covered stylish ruffled roof. The place is famous for its Rustici platters, antipasti, mains, grill, pasta, risotto, pizza, sweets and cream filled buffalo burrito


A Japanese oriented hotel of Grand Hyatt offers specialties from Japan. The interiors are simple and chic with simple use of wood, clay and stone. The menu includes all the simple and basic flavors and freshness which one can easily configure in Japanese’s cuisine. The meals are set according to varied themes on which you can savor your taste buds. Udon, Sushi, Fish and Wagyu Beef are some major ingredients oriented meals in the menu of the chic yet classy restaurant.


It is a Cantonese influenced restaurant, with an elegant Chinese influenced interiors and marble furnishing. The place has a huge dining area, other than the dining area it has 5 private rooms which can easily accommodate 15-250 people. Some of the signature dishes of the restaurant are fried Lobster with Cheese and Simmered Abalone with Vinegar Accompanied with Angel Hair, fried Rice with Silky Chicken, Pan-fired Skin Filled with Minced Chicken and Black Truffles.


This place is devoted to the varied range of alcohol, especially Beers. The place has somewhat around 80 different kinds of Beers, Trappsite being the favorite, Trappsite rochfoirtis the world’s number 8th range of Beer offered in the bar of Hong Kong. The signature dish of the restaurant is Mussels served with fries and mayonnaise.

The country has a savor for sea food, and hence keeps experimenting with it. And that is why this cuisine has been in demand and yet is preferred and demanded. The Cantonese oriented food specializes in the sea food and the restaurants in Hong Kong offer some of the great dishes and flavors from the cuisine on the table.

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