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Green gold store in Jaipur

Kids-friendly Green gold Animation launched a shop in Pink City!

All the children in Jaipur are most recently thrilled with a fun crammed shopping experience at the Green Gold Store opened recently in the Jaipur!! Green Gold Store, the commodity division of the company that generated Chhota Bheem has launched its foremost shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The inauguration of the store observed slimy and excited Jaipur kids finding their most beloved cartoon characters.

About Green Gold:

Mr. Rajiv Chilaka launched Green Gold Animation Pvt Limited in the year 2001. He started the store with just eight employees. At present, the store has over 100 staff who functions on some of the most pioneering and unique Indian content. The hard work has awarded them an exceptional characteristic of being the chosen Indian Animation Content supplier globally. The Green Gold Animation is also one of the foremost entrants among few in the Indian animation business with an exceptional knowledge of creating innovative IP Content. They have fabricated a brand name for themselves in the business by creating Krishna series, Vikram Betal, Krishna Balram, much-admired Chhota Bheem and Chor Police. Krishna movie series was one of the preliminary strings of Green Gold which acquired a huge step towards its fame on the Cartoon Network. It was regarded as being the best show from corner to corner all children channels in the year 2007.

Unique experience at the store:

The Green Gold store owners are super energized regarding the commencement of their store in Jaipur, Rajasthan with the joyful season in a stone's throw away. A striking and exciting contribution of the store is that the juvenile customers at Green Gold Store do not necessarily have to shop any products. They just can spend time in the store and keep themselves amused with the products and toys for as long as they wish. Mr. Sudeesh Varma, the Green Gold Stores head declared that they are looking at producing matchless experiences for the kids at their stores. Starting from garments to comics, accessories to bedroom decors, attire to movies, puzzles to board-games, the Green Gold store is a one stop shopping place for every “Chhota Bheem” aficionado. Green Gold Store also dwells the indispensable Chhota Bheem products and endows a unique experience to his cute little followers!!!

Shipping and delivery of merchandise:

The products of Green gold shops are now shipped Shipping all around India at no charges.

For global purchasers, the orders are shipped & delivered all the way through registered intercontinental courier companies and/or global speed post. For local purchasers, their orders ill be shipped through speed post and/or registered local courier companies. The Orders are shipped within fifteen business days or as stated by the delivery date. Green Gold Store is not legally responsible for any delivery impediment by specific courier companies or postal authorities. The store assures only to deliver the submit to the postal authorities or courier company within fifteen business days from the order date

Kids, Weekend is on the way!!! So, get ready and explore the Green Gold Store with your parents!!! You will not be disappointed

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