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JAIPUR JEWELRY Enhances Attractiveness

Jaipur Jewelry

Rajasthan is famous for its traditional Jewelry since innumerable years. When talking about Rajasthan, Jaipur is always the centre of attraction. From centuries, this royal land has been flourished with precious stones and jewelry. Jaipur is renowned for its exclusive designs and splendid jewelry. Jewelry is a form of embellishment sported almost on all body parts.

Depending on the culture and times Jewelry may be appreciated as a status symbol, for its material properties, its patterns, or for meaningful symbols. Jewelry may be made from a wide range of materials, but gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells have been widely used which  are available in various designs and styles. You can get a great combination of cultures like Mughals, British, Muslims and many others, in Jaipur jewelry whether it is silver, gold, diamond or any other with natural stones and precious & semi-precious gemstones. One should keep in mind that while buying metal or classic tribal jewelry from roadside, you can always bargain and always take a receipt mentioning the name of the shop, price, gram and carat, from the shopkeeper.

Gems Stones

Rajasthan is a land of rich deposits of precious and semi precious stones. There are many stones like Emerald, Garnets, Agate Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, and Rubies. According to Indian astrological system, various gems represent nine planets and have inherent power. Jaipur has skilled gem cutters who carve the stones into exquisite shapes; sometimes they also carve little animals and birds from crystal, Jade and Smoky Topaz. You can also trace Buttons, Amethyst Intaglio beads and crystal scent bottles, which confirms the royal taste of Jaipur.
The city is also one of the world’s largest centers for gemstone cutting and polishing. Around 80-85 percent of the Emeralds worldwide are cut in Jaipur. The industry here is over 300 years old. That’s why gems stones of Jaipur are famous all over the world for their originality and integrity. Some of the known Jewelry showrooms which have some classic collection of precious and semi precious stones are:-

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Jaipur is famed for its variety and designs of Jewelry. This pink city will offer you the best of the royal jewelry. There are many types of ornaments which you will find exclusively in Jaipur like Judamani (Hairclip), Baajuband (Armlet), Tagdi (Waist-Belt) and Bodla (ornament to decorate forehead). Jewelry made of Basra pearl makes is a popular choice in Jaipur. There are different kinds of jewelry work, out of which Meenakari and Kundan work are the most famous.

Gold Jewelry

Indians have a predilection for the gold and because of this India is the largest consumer of gold jewelry and ornaments in the world and Jaipur plays a big role amongst the providers. Jewelers from their offer some of the best traditional and modern designs in gold jewelry made with 10k,14k, 18k and 22k gold. Some of the very famous and known jewelry brand names, origins from Jaipur. Below listed are some of the known Gold Jewelry store in Jaipur:-

Diamond Jewelry

Whether it is contemporary diamond or Indian costume jewelry, Jaipur is the hub for all kind of jewelry. People are very much attracted towards Jaipur diamond and color stone. While buying diamond jewelry, one must look for the 4C’s i.e. Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. This particularly determines the price of Jewelry. As real diamond is very much expensive, diamond replica is becoming the alternate of it the It is exactly the same as real diamond jewelry, but the small difference is that it is a replica. Because of this diamond jewelry that earlier used to be worn by exclusive people only, now can be bought by an ordinary man or woman. Jaipur diamond is also used for some astrological reasons.. Some of the known Diamond Jewelry stores in the city:-

Silver Jewelry

Following the contemporary style, artisans of Jaipur are making jewelry in silver to attract the customers. They are making designs amalgamating traditional and modern pattern of jewelry, to provide you a trendy look. This kind of designer silver jewelry is very popular and appreciated by the tourists. Traditional oxidized silver is in fashion and attracts every age feminine ratio. Some known Silver Jewelry stores in Jaipur:-

Meenakari Work Jewelry

This is a different kind of jewelry that was originated during the period of Raja Man Singh. Now, Jaipur specializes in this colorful jewelry. This is a special kind of work in which enameling is done to the jewelry. Originally, enameling was done to make the jewelry comfortable to wear. In appearance, jewelry of Meenakari work looks delicate and splendid.
Earlier it used to be done in gold only but now it is done in silver and other metals also. This enameling is done by applying fusion of different mineral substances over the metal surface.

Thewa Jewelry

The exotic and fascinating Thewa Jewelry is unique Jewelry of its kind. There is a special technique to make Thewa Jewelry. It is made with colored molten glass; the glass is treated to create a mirrored effect. The colored molten glass is used as a background, now into this the fine yet stylized designs made of 23 karat gold are fused. The product that comes out is a see through piece that reflects the light and creates an eye-catching, dramatic and wonderful three-dimensional effect.

Lac Jewelry

Lac is an animal product which is a resin like substance secreted by certain lac insects; used in e.g. varnishes and sealing wax, this resin is generally used in supporting the gold jewelry bangles. Lac bangles possess an unparalleled charm, made in bright colors, Lac Jewelry is a form of individual embellishment. The solid Lac is heated and then colored gemstones and glitters are inlaid. This type of Jewelry is appreciated and is liked for its distinguished beauty.

Kundan Jewelry

Inspired by Mughals, Kundan Jewelry is art of setting stones in gold and silver. While setting, gems are bedded in a surround of gold leaf rather than secured by a rim or claw. Kundan Jewelry looks magnificent with its royal touch and due to this fact; it has occupied a space in the movies of Bollywood depicting mythological culture.
One of the oldest forms of jewelry made and worn in India is the 24 carat pure gold Kundan jewelry. Mostly kundan work is combined with enameling Meenakari. In this way jewelry that comes out has two equally beautifully surfaces Meenakari at the back surface and kundankari in the front surface.

Jewelry is majorly a feminine based adornment accessory, from the ancient times jewelry has been worn on a women’s body to enhance her beauty, in modern India accessory, are also sported by the males. Jaipur is known for producing some of the classic designs of jewel work, Our Jaipur crafts men have been giving some of such exquisite  designs, and minute jewel work, on Gold and silver jewelry. Jaipur jewelry has attracted many people from around the globe, many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have been to Jaipur Jewelry showrooms to own some of the dainty jewelry. Other than the magnificent palaces, majestic forts Jaipur Jewelry have its own shimmer and glitter which attracts visitors to the city from all around the world.

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