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Inspiring Personalities shared Journey of Success in IIF-2018

(Success Tips – Mantra for Successful Business and Social Entrepreneurship)

Jaipur, 8 January.

On the last day of the four-day event, India Industrial Fair IIF-2018 Udyog Darshan encouraged and informed people about how to take business, social ethics and entrepreneurship together.

The session on the topic ‘Mantra for successful Business and Social Entrepreneurship' proved to be very important resourceful for the people with central business vision with concern for society.

The chief guests of the panel were:

  • Mr. Tarachand Goyal – Founder of Goyal Proteins
  • Omprakash Mittal – session chairman
  • Rohit Pradhan- founder of Happiness Keeda and moderator for the session
  • Digvijay Dabaria – founder Dabaria plywoods
  • Ghanshyam Ojha- founder Luv-Kush NGO and
  • Mayor Jodhpur, Sanjay Kumar- associated with two NGO's Madhav Seva Samiti and Bhagwan Mahaveer Child Welfare Trust.

The session had significant and crucial discussions, as well as overwhelming stories of real superheroes who, are doing beautiful things for society and incredible initiatives, have been taken by them which should be known to everybody but isn’t so known.

Their introduction and the showcase for their incredible initiative was a real pinch-me experience for all the people there witnessing.

There were some great stories like that of Mr.Suresh Chuttar from Pune who has a mentally challenged child but never gave hope and trained him to work as rational human beings do. It evoked an idea in his brain to engaged even more of mentally challenged people with him and his business to work and sharpen their skills and earn their living all by themselves and survive with respect in the society and can feel normal.
He also stated in his story ‘THIS-ABILITY’ that the challenged trained the other challenged and got experts in today’s time. Mr. Suresh Chuttar has more than 68 challenged working with him, and he is doing this great job for all of them.

Another story is of a man Vivek who through social media encourages people to educate the underprivileged youth of society and the children who have the right to education but deprived of it. Vivek is presently running 70 schools around the nation teaching so many of children who need education and will contribute to the pride of the country in times to come.

And adding to this there was one more story and that was of Dr. B.M Bharadwaj who along with his wife is taking care and bring up 1,100 + children in the organization called “APNAGHAR” and till date has no kid but is involved with these kids like more than family.

Quality and Credibility are Key Elements

Mr. Tarachand Goyal said that when he started a business in Soya Oil and related products, then people discouraged with many arguments, but ultimately he succeeded with quality products and credibility among customers and stakeholders. Now, annual turnover of his company is more than 22 hundred crore.

Zero Wood Technic for Environment

Similarly, Mr. Digvijay Dhabariya shared his journey which was inspired by nature and environmental protection. He said that due to the enormous pressure of increasing population, he thought that we should initiate Zero Wood material for fulfilling the demand of building material in the decreasing land and other resources. He said that by applying this idea, minimum 5 lakh trees saved.

Honesty is the Biggest Policy

Industrialist, Social Worker and Mayor of Jodhpur Mr. Ghanshyam Ojha said that No doubt, Honesty is the Biggest Policy in our life and business too. He shared his crucial experience of entrepreneurship which started with 70 thousand rupees of provident fund. Mr. Ojha said that the annual turn is more than hundred crore and this happened due to honesty and decision making.

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