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Hacked: The world undone

Manipal University Jaipur organized a Programme on “Hacked; The world undone”

Hacked-The world undoneIEEE Student Branch, Manipal University Jaipur and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SCIT, Jaipur organized “Hacked; The world undone” programme at Smt. Sharda Pai Auditorium in its campus.

The weather was grim and humid over Manipal University Jaipur, but it was not the case at Smt. Sharda Pai Auditorium. The auditorium housed around 300 enthusiastic technocrats eagerly waiting for the Google Hall of Famer, Mr. Abhinav Das to share his insights on the field of Cyber Security.

A warm welcome to all the dignitaries and the audience followed by a Ganesh Vandana performance by Coreographia’s Megha Kayal. The audience rejoiced with each move and awarded the performer with a loud round of applause at the end. After the performance, Abhinav Das was greeted by the Director of Alumni Cell of Manipal University Jaipur, Dr. Manvinder Singh Pahwa, who in his address emphasized upon the importance of alumni relations for the growth of a university.

Following the address, a short video about IEEE Student Branch MUJ’s past accomplishments shown. The hosts then elaborated upon the club’s Techno-democratic status; explaining how it is a club that is indeed, “of the students, by the students, and for the students.”

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

With the spirit of these lines, IEEE SB MUJ’s former office bearers felicitated by Mr. Mahesh Jangid, Faculty Coordinator of IEEE Student Branch and Dr. Devesh Srivastava, Faculty of IT, for their commendable dedication and hard work.

Hacked-The world undoneThen on, the winners of Codephrenia 2.0 were called upon the stage and felicitated for their coding prowess. And now was the time for the main event of the evening. And thus, with the host announcing his numerous accolades, Mr. Das took the stage. A thunderous round of applause filled the auditorium.

The talk was about two and a half hours long but surprisingly the time flew very fast. Everybody seemed spellbound by the charisma and knowledge of this computing genius. Throughout the talk, Mr. Das performed demonstrations on different phishing techniques and had fun extracting out valuable information from the volunteers involved. He also took some time to answer the queries of students and hundreds of hands shot up every time he asked for another question. Mr. Das also briefed the audience about the various types of hackers and the different hacking techniques used throughout the world. Topics such as the Dark Web, SQL injection, M Map, usage of Google as a hacking tool discussed in great detail.

Answering the questions asked by the students, Mr. Das emphasized the importance of self-study, hard work, and determination. He also shared his thoughts on the ethical dilemma that hackers face. The talk ended with the roaring noise of claps that echoed in the whole auditorium. The evening concluded, with the presentation of a small token of gratitude by IEEE SB MUJ.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Rawat
Associate Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
Manipal University Jaipur

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